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5 Stages Of Love And Why Many Get Stuck At The Third



All romantic relationships are unique in their own way. At the same time these relationships have many things in common. Who doesn’t want real, lasting love? Lots of relationships break down and both partners might think that they found the wrong person. The problem actually might be that they can’t get past stage three.

1. Falling In Love


What is falling in love? You could say it is nature’s trick to get humans to pick a mate so that our species carry on. Your partner rapidly becomes the ideal person for you. You think they have no flaws of any kind. You believe he or she will always be able to fulfill your every wish, and you believe every word they say. You’re so madly in love right now that no skeptical voice can make you stop and think more cautiously.

2. Becoming A Couple


At this stage your love deepens. After a number of dates, you and your partner eventually move in together. You get to know each other a lot better, and your presence begins to have an effect on all aspects of your partner’s life. You believe that you’ve definitely found the person for you. You believe your relationship was decided . fate.

3. Disillusionment


This is the time when you start to get the impression that your feelings may one day dissipate, never to return. You feel your partner is so predictable and their behavior starts to annoys you. You start to feel like you want a break from them. The further thought occurs that there’s no point in torturing yourself and your partner in a relationship that’s run out of steam.

4. Creating, Real, Lasting Love


If you try your hardest to carry on despite your reluctance, you might get through the third stage and come to stage four. Your mind is free from all the illusions which you projected onto your partner in the earlier stages. You accept, and more importantly, understand their shortcomings. Now is the time to heal and to move on to the final stage.

5. Using The Power Of Two To Change The World


Now that you realize that you’ve learned to overcome your disagreements and found a deep, strong, long-lasting connection, you’ll be sure of one thing: that the two of you have the power to change something in this world. You live in a partnership for the sake of a bigger cause.

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