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5 Stupid Things Men Do That Disgust Ladies



Here is a partial list of some of the things men do that the female genders may label as “stupid”. They include:

1. Socks

…and other soiled items thrown on the floor. this is a disgusting and rude habit to female.?

2. Belching

men prefer to call it “clearing the throat after a heavy meal”. Its a turn off to wonen, please!

3, Never admitting been lost

A man is never lost. Period. Even if he can’t name the place he is at, he is still not lost. It’s the rest of the world that is lost. Where a man is, is the right spot. They have a natural GPS in our heads, which will get them where they are going eventually. Stopping to ask directions dissipates a man’s inborn sense of direction. And this is annoying to thefem counterparts

4. Old clothes

Brand new clothes, pressed and starched, have their place in society – mainly for job interviews and funerals. But otherwise a comfortable cotton t-shirt and faded jeans are all anyone should need – that’s a man’s thought. Ladies want their men dolled up….. You know what i mean

5. When is he gonna pop the question?

Every man knows that haste makes waste, which is why a man prudently takes his time with something as important as a marriage proposal.. “Slow and steady wins the race” is men’s motto. and trust me, ladies secretly wish their men could just not waste time.

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