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5 Suggestions For Better S*x For Married Couples



Learn about: five suggestions for better s*x for married couples to put the spice back in the marriage. Unfortunately, the s*x tends to go downhill after marriage. Married couples end up in a routine one that hurts the s*x life. The hectic schedules of day in and day out without compromise lets the most important thing become forgotten. Married couples have to find ways to stay connected or to reconnect. These suggestions should help put the spark back in

married couple’s s*x life.

What you will need:

Change of scenery. Having s*x in the same place, like the bedroom, will get a bit old and mundane for married couples. The s*xual excitement you once share will begin to fade. Until you are ready to venture outside the home to have earth shattering s*x, try exploring other parts of the home. Become one with nature and have a little s*xual fun in the comfort and seclusion of your backyard.

Communicate more. One thing that causes married couples to lose the zest for better s*x is communication. If there is a lack of communication on a daily bases, there will be a lack of s*x as well. Even if you are apart from your spouse most of the day, have spicy text chats and send explicit emails. . the time the end of the day gets near, the married couple will be lusting to have amazing s*x.

Try different s*xual positions. Married couples are bound to get bored with the same s*xual positions. You don’t want to just be going through the motions when you have s*x; make it invigorating. After couples have been married awhile, every position in the book have been done to death. This is the time to dust the old brain off and become creative. Now is a good time to have some creative s*x.

Have spontaneous s*x. It’s time to get out of the old routine of having s*x on a certain day of the week. Sometimes married couples have to plan s*x, but sometimes it needs to be spontaneous. Surprise your wife with a quick rump in the hay before heading off to mow the lawn. The wife can give her husband a little lip service before he heads off to work.

Use visual aids and or s*x toys doing s*x. Watching a little P0*n can give married couples a little boost. Couples that are married shouldn’t be embarrassed about using toys in the bedroom. Using visuals and s*x toys can heat up what was once an electrifying s*x life.


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