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5 Supplements For Naturally Healthy Blood Pressure



High blood pressure affects 1 in every 3 or about 32% of Americans. Another 33% suffer from pre-hypertension, meaning they don’t have high blood pressure yet, but they are in the danger zone.

If you are in either of these categories, you are at risk of heart attack or stroke, the leading causes of death in our country.

You may be putting off seeing your doctor because you’re worried about the side effects that come with the prescriptions that treat high blood pressure, like thirst, dehydration, increased urination, and changes in blood sugar levels from diuretics or the dizziness, weakness, fatigue, and fainting that come with beta blockers.

Maybe you want to avoid the dry cough or decreased kidney function that are the side effects of ACE inhibitors or the swelling, flushing, and dizziness from calcium channel blockers.

And, who could blame you?

Still, neglecting your high blood pressure is a recipe for disaster.

Luckily, there are 5 natural supplements you can take to help promote a healthy blood pressure without all of those side effects and even many conventional doctors are coming around to the idea of using these as your first choice to re-gain control of your blood pressure.

What is high blood pressure?
First, let’s define what high blood pressure is so that you can figure out what your numbers are telling you.

A normal blood pressure reading would be any blood pressure below 120/80 mm Hg and above 90/60 mm Hg.

When your systolic (upper number) is between 120 and 139 mm Hg or your diastolic (lower number) is between 80 and 89, it means you have prehypertension.

Although you aren’t classified as having high blood pressure yet, prehypertension can quickly turn into true high blood pressure.

Once your systolic blood pressure reaches between 140 and 159 mm Hg, or if your diastolic blood pressure reaches between 90 and 99 mm Hg you are diagnosed with high blood pressure.

From there, the higher the numbers, the worse your condition is considered.

Supplements that can help and how to take them
So, now that you know where your numbers put you on the blood pressure spectrum, what can you do?

The traditional advice of eating a healthy diet and getting the right amount of exercise still stands, but along with that, > are 5 supplements that have been shown to promote a lower blood pressure.

Omega-3s – Research has shown that increasing your omega 3s can decrease your blood pressure. So, add in a high quality cold-water fish oil supplement like krill oil to get your blood pressure back into a healthy range. The Mayo Clinic recommends 6,000 mg per day (2,000 mg with each meal) for 6 months to prevent heart disease.
Vitamin D3 – People with low levels of vitamin D have a higher risk of having high blood pressure. Taking 5,000 mg per day of D3 can help you re-gain control of your blood pressure.
Calcium/Magnesium – Too little of either of these minerals is associated with high blood pressure. Women need 1,000-1,. mg of calcium per day while men should get between 500-600 mg. You will need approximately 500 mg of magnesium to replace the amount you lose each day through your normal body processes.
Potassium – Potassium helps . balancing the salt level in your body. Adding a potassium supplement of 100 mg per day can help promote a healthier blood pressure.
CoQ10 – 45- 60 mg of CoQ10 per day has been shown to lower blood pressure as much as 12 to 25 points. Just be sure to buy a soft gel as they are better absorbed.
If you are ready to achieve a healthy blood pressure and decrease your risk of heart attack and stroke, add in the supplements listed above to your daily routine. With their help and some simple lifestyle changes, like eating healthy and getting some daily exercise, you can get your blood pressure back into the safe zone

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