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5 Talking Points From Banky W’s High Notes Video



5 Talking Points From Banky W’s High Notes Video


Jummai of writes on the stand out points from Banky W’s High Notes Video.

“Banky W dropped the video to his single High Notes recently and after watching it a few times, I decided that I love it. But what do I love about it? We’ll be going into that right about now.

The video was directed by Banky W himself, and was shot on location at the Cantare Restaurant in the Monte Casino, Johannesburg, South Africa. It features cameo appearances from Stephanie Coker, DJ Dimples, Praiz, Lynxxx, Shaydee, Iceberg Slim and Iyanya.

The Set

First off, the whole set of the video was A+. The idea of a jazz/live music cafe worked very well especially for the type of song it is. It set a very nice backdrop to a very nice video.

Banky Jackson?

I’m not sure if I’m the only one that peeped that solid silhouette and hat wearing stunt pulled by Banky at the beginning of the video, and immediately thought of Michael Jackson, but yeah… I did, and it was pretty dope.

Banky W the New Age dancer

Now we know that Banky W can ‘Nae-Nae’ and to a slow tempo song, but a part of me was expecting him to break into the whip. But I’m sure glad he didn’t.

She Can’t Help But Spill…

We know Banky can do a lot of things to the ladies when he wants to, and that includes spilling it all out while fantasizing about Mr Capable, even when the boyfriend is there. Yeah… Spilling the Ciroc we mean.

It’s Getting Hot in Here

On one hand, you’d want to assume that this make-out session is all acting, and that’s where it ends. But then watching this again, you feel like there’s no guarantee that this ended when the director yelled “cut.” We’re just saying…

Overall it’s a nice video and a very good watch when you get over the somewhat excessive Ciroc brand placement, but we understand. That’s the business end of it. That won’t stop me from watching it over and over, or hitting replay on the song.”



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