These are the things a man WON’T do if he is not interested in keeping a lady.

1. He WON’T have an invested interest in you.

Your interests will be ignored at best. All the big and little things that make you so uniquely you will be side-eyed and side-stepped until you feel as thin and unseen as a shadow on the wall.

2. He WON’T listen to you; he’ll just wait for his turn to talk.

Your words will be empty air. Your stories will float past his heads, Your feelings and fears will fall on deaf ears, and eventually you’ll stop saying anything that means something since it’s all wasted breath anyway.

3. He WON’T be there for you in any of the ways that really matter.

Your dinners will taste like silence. You’ll learn that loneliness can happen even when you’re holding someone’s hand, that togetherness can be desolation — and those are on the days he’s trying.

4. He WON’T look at you like you’re everything…

He won’t notice the new dress and the new hair. You could be the most beautiful girl in the world, but he will look right through you because he doesn’t know how to see your shine.

5. He WON’T encourage or support you and your dreams.

Your greatest ambition will make him feel insecure.

Look for a guy who doesn’t fit this bill. Pay attention to the ways he pays attention to you and don’t be afraid to set off in new directions if you find he’s trying to block your path with his idea of who you are.


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