Clitoral and Vaginal orgasms are two different things 

This is s*x-Ed 101, but it bears repeating since a lot of men folk can’t even find the cli**ris much less define it. Some women can only come from clitoral stimulation; others gotta have that G-spot hit, and some lucky ladies can achieve climax from both! Take the time to learn more about the preferences of the v**ina in your life.

Don’t assume she didn’t have climax

Occasionally our victories are silent without a lot of pomp and circumstance. We’re super humble like that. Please see aforementioned “not screaming but still pleasing” bullet point.

Sometimes her various parts can get too sensitive

We’re sure you feel the same way about portions of your own crotch. Don’t be offended or assume we no longer want our, ahem, hood popped, if we have a momentary wince when you try to get work. It shouldn’t be labeled a hazardous zone from that point forward.

Toys aren’t your enemy

Sure, our vibrator  may give us a fantastic climax, but that doesn’t mean you’re second fiddle! There’s room for your man handling even when we have a sidepiece with a motor. Our rabbit can’t pull our hair or smack our a*s, so in that regard, unlike the Beyoncé song, you’re irreplaceable.

Don’t always forget to . with her bosoms

bosom orgasms are a thing. Don’t label them simply as pawns in your foreplay. Those gals can score serious points so put ’em in, coach!

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