Picking what to wear for an interview can be strenuous and the thought of, what should i wear? Do they accept jean? Are suits mandatory? What shoe should i wear? makes interview even more difficult. The best way to dress for an interview is to dress up confidently and not what will make you lose confidence in yourself even before you get to the organization. No matter . you are applying for, there are some things you shouldn’t wear to an interview. Continue reading to see things you shouldn’t wear;

  • Heels that you wear once or twice in a year: There are some heels we have in our closet that are are very fine when worn but are a no-go-area heels. You have to work confidently in order to project confidence, so your heels should be moderate so you can work confidently without rubbing a hole in your Achilles.
  • Jean: No matter the organization you are applying for or the blazer you wear on the jean, denim gives a bad impression of your attitude. You can opt for a peg-leg trouser instead.
  • Anything Trending: The organization should remember you for your great experience and killer ideas and not what you wore. Anything trending will be very chic for dinner with friends but not for an interview where you will be meeting your supposed new boss.
  • An Oversized Bag: Your makeup bag, lunch, bottle water should not follow you for your interview, leave all the big bags at home and carry a good smart and small handbag.
  • Flowy Fabrics: The interview place is not where you show fashion trend, you don’t need to show that you are sharp rather show you are  goal oriented. Most managers are not stylish as you are and may see meaning in your outfit.

What other things do you know? Share with us below.


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