1. Smoke cigars. Say what you will about this hazardous habit, but it has truly changed my weekend ritual. Before Monday rolls around and the pain of life begins again, take a moment to sit down, enjoy a cigar and a glass of Cognac, and reflect. You’ll thank me.

2. Drive fast. Is it dangerous? Probably. Illegal? Definitely. But driving fast gets the blood pumping and keeps you young. Whether you’re spinning wheels in a fire-breathing Lambo or a gas-sipping Ford Fusion, don’t be afraid to mash the pedal every once in a while. It’s good for you.

3. Gamble… on everything. I don’t think anyone would argue that, when done too much, gambling could actually lead to some potentially catastrophic consequences. Like… really, really bad. But I also don’t think people would argue that scared money don’t make money. If the opportunity arises and you need to roll the dice, roll the damn dice. Unless it’s on your kid’s tuition money

4. Get punched in the face. I’m personally convinced that so many of the problems we’re facing as a people right now originate with the fact we’re all so scared all the damn time. The idea of confrontation scares the shit out of us because, frankly, not enough of us are getting punched in the face. We all think that if a fist comes within five feet of our faces, it means a knock out. In reality, getting punched in the face is a liberating experience that’ll likely teach you that confrontation isn’t that bad, and that getting punched only kinda hurts a little bit. Go get punched in the face.

5. Fall in love. This one is for the poet in me, but truly, the age-old adage of, “I’m a lover; not a fighter” is bullshit. You can’t fight for something you don’t love, and you can’t love something you wouldn’t fight for. Falling in love with the world is the best form of protest we can muster in a world full of hate, and so much of that hate comes from our fear. Therefore, friends, love is knowledge and knowledge is power. So go kiss somebody or whatever.

.: Mademen