Your body changes the older you get and your vag ina is no exemption. There are a few things that happen to your vag ina the older you get.

Your uterus can fall into your vagina

Yes, this actually can happen. There is a condition that occurs which is called prolapse (a.k.a. the dropping of the uterus, bladder, or rectum into the vag ina). This can happen as you get older.

Your vag ina looks older
Naturally, your skin loses elasticity when you age and wrinkles become obious. This also affects your vag ina. There is a loss of elasticity in your va gina known as vulvo-vag inal atrophy, or VVR. The va ginal walls thin out and can become dry and inflamed.

The entrance to your vag ina can shrink
The uterus can easily change size as women get older and estrogen levels drop. As women get older, the uterus itself tends to get smaller. The vag inal entrance can narrow with age. This narrowing can lead to irritation, dryness, and sometimes, inflammation of the vag inal wall – a condition called atrophic vagi nitis. Left untreated, atrophic vagin itis can cause bleeding and painful se x and pelvic exams. That being said, maintaining a certain level of sex ual activity can offset help.

You lose bladder control
As time goes on, musculature and ligaments supporting the pelvic floor start to relax. In some cases, the urethra may actually move in relation to the bladder, which can cause leaking.

You are more susceptible to UTIs

UTIs may become more frequent when you’re older due to more delicate genital tissue. This can actually cause behavioral changes, such as confusion. Small micro-abrasions can also occur and lead to bladder infection. Women may experience UTI symptoms (irritation, increased frequency of urination, burning with urination) simply due to decreased hormone levels and inelasticity without having an actual infection. In that case, estrogen therapy is an option.


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