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5 Things To Know On How To Satisfy A Lesbian/Bisexual



Yo! SNGeee, so dudes have you ever been with a lesbian or bisexual lady, if yes how did it go the first bad right after boasting and bragging about you bed skills you went in there and disgraced your entire linage. Well, when you have a sex date with a Lesbian/Bisexual girl there 5 basic rules you must know and work by if not you would leave her bed with a severely bashed ego and self-confidence.

So lately theirs have been a sudden rise in the number of guys who come out to say that is finding it very difficult to satisfy their ladies or some of the girls they have been with recently. Its either they claim these ladies have a severely high libido and its been really difficult to satisfy them or even to match their sexual prowess.Bisexual/Lesbian

Well, after a bit of research it was found out that the problem actually isn’t just that these ladies have an unquenchable sexual desire or lust but rather they are Lesbos/bisexual and have a completely different level and way of reaching sexual saturation and orgasm. Below are the 5 things to know on how to satisfy a lesbian/bisexual;

  1. Foreplay:
    Lesbos are high on foreplay, so if you want to have a sexual encounter with a girl who is or formerly a lesbian or bisexual then you most definitely need to improve your foreplay game, you must know all of the most sensitive parts of a woman body. From the nipple to the back of the ear to the nape of the neck, to the back of the knee, further to the palm of the feet and sucking of the big toenails. 
  2. Oral Game: 
    Your oral skills have got to be next level stuff when it comes to doing it oral with a bisexual, you can’t have sex with a bisexual and not do oral. You can’t have a sex date with a bisexual and not be ready to go down there eat her out until your jaw starts to hurt. You must be ready to give her multiple orgasms, make her quiver, her thigh shake, nimble on her clit gently push your tongue in and bend it upwards as you reach for her g-spot. You just have to make her squirt.
  3. Fingering: 
    This is another essential skill you must know how, where and when to rub the clit repeatedly over the clit. Vibrate, give her the feeling that would send multiple sensations down her bones. Give her the chills.
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  4. Oriental Massage: 
    This is another essential skill learn to take your time when satisfying a lady. Give her a nice long nude massage rub some baby oil on her back and massage her bones and stiff muscles to tenderness focus on the inner thighs, the shin muscle, the back of the knee, massage her side boobs, do all of this while with you completely nude and gradually rub and make her feel your hard di*k.
  5. Sex Toys: 
    Get youself some sex toys to aid you through the entire process while you save up energy.


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