5 Things To Know When Picking A Side-Chic

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Y’ello Gees, welcome back once again to that safe space for y’all my dear SNGees. Here there’s no hiding and pretending you’re here to be true to your masculine features, wants and desires – as we help each other enjoy and cherish the values of sweet and fun relationships with the opposite gender. And yes here, as long as you’ve got the money you can dig as many girls as you want main chicss, side-chics all are allowed.
What To Know when you a side-chic
What To Know when you a side-chic

So some days back a Gee of mine asked me how he could score himself some extra chics because his main babe isn’t around a lot lately and she won’t be even for the foreseeable future though he doesn’t intend to break up with her. And I was like won’t she be angry if she finds out you’re cheating and he said she gave him the go-ahead, she would be out of the country for the next 8 months.
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Well, if she said that then what are we waiting for. And I jumped straight into it if you want a side-chic these are the things you need to look out for and discuss with her before you both get started on this exciting fun experience chee!

  1. Convenience
    You would be surprised by the cheer number of top-class beautiful girls who would agree to be a side-chic as long as they would be getting plenty of convenience from it. No extra hassle of why didn’t you call me or didn’t do this, very little expectations of each other.
    So when you want to pick a side-chic make sure she knows this from start tell her this not going to end up to be something serious, no extra pressure, its all fun and chills, someone to talk, when agreed to fu*k like crazy and you both stay away from each other’s private lives y’all are together for the chills, finish. With this you emotional convenience
  2. Money
    Oh hell yeah! you must have plenty of this to blow and be rest assured to have her attention and the pleasure of getting in her panties, most especially if she’s a Lekki big girl {small girl, big God}. There is a truckload, a shipload of ladies out there that all they care for are financial benefits that come with being with a man. If a guy has deep pockets, they won’t mind being his side chick. So far bills are being paid, no problem. But hey be smart don’t go catching feelings in such places or with such ladies.
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  3. Timeline
    What To Know when you a side-chic

    Place such side-chics on timelines, such relationships must have an expiration date. Such relationships at most must not go on beyond 3 months. So yes have it at the back of your mind this relationship has an expiration date, but never ever disclose this to the side-chic.
    The most you go with such a chic shouldn’t last more than 1-3 months have as much fun as you could with her. Also, do not let her know where you live you and if peradventure you do let her know, make sure you drive her to the place yourself at night. Just make this easy on yourself just use a hotel man or go to her place.

  4. Don’t Get Too Attached
    Yes stay emotionally detached to her as much as possible but provide other things for her, this would help cloud her judgement and yes at some point she would try to connect to you emotionally. Come on just hold out for 3 months bro, and on to the next. Plus remember you have a serious relationship a girl you can discuss such things with the main girl. You can only try to connect emotionally only of you trying to hit that cookie pot but never go too deep.
  5. Sex
    Yes isn’t this the main reason for having side-chics? well some times having someone to just talk and chill with, that expects not too much from you is definitely a huge reason, a safe place to relax and have very little worries but we all know sex is the biggest reason another. Well, a huge number of ladies too, don’t mind having a guy that provides them nothing much as long as he can provide that sexual pleasure in loads.I mean you’ve got to be able to give that mind-blowing smash, the bomb sex that leaves her spraying squirts everywhere, cum multiple times now she would most definitely sign-up for that.    N:B: I said this, That Sharp Naija Guy this what we talk about you want to talk about cheating and blah blah blah, go to strictly ladies those contents are meant for you. Yo’ Gees remember to make sure she knows her place and doesn’t expect too much and protect yourself and the main-chic while at it, remember to stay happy, confident and jiggy… Photo Credit: Getty

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