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5 Things You can Relate With If You Have Been Single For A Long Time



Being single is a state for the fragile heart. It is a time when you watch your friends start to date, get married or have children. You may also find yourself in the dating world but things are not going well.

As a single man/woman, you can relate with these

1. You will have lonely moments.

You will feel all alone and sometimes get teary-eyed.

2. You will sometimes second-guess yourself.

There are moments where you will doubt your own abilities and feel incompetent.

3. You will be vulnerable. 2016-08-02-21-28-05-1244308819
Not having a partner will make you vulnerable, especially when you are lonely. You will jump right into the arms of the first person who shows up and your flaws will be revealed. You may not be desperate, but your emotions will act up.

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4. Your married and dating friends will make you feel like an outcast. 2016-09-01-16-06-12-1481177746

Your married and dating friends will get on your nerves sometimes, especially when they talk about their partners and rub it in your face.

5. You will sometimes act in despair. 2016-08-23-17-54-51-91814367

You may sometimes settle for less than your worth or standards when in despair.

Don’t worry, this phase would pass. Hold on and be strong, get something doing, and add value to yourself while you wait for the right person.




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