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5 Things You May Later Regret About Your Love Life



While many believe in taking advantage of situations and doing what is expected of you, it would perhaps help if people pay more attention to their hearts and emotional needs.

Lots of people have lived their lives chasing things that are rated secondary when analyzing things that make life meaningful. At the long run, most get what they spend their entire years working for but many are left unfulfilled. This kind of moment make people yearn for something different; they start to wish they had done things differently or have chosen a different life option from the one they are stuck with.

Apart from career decisions which involve risks and opportunities, love and the issues surrounding it is another important aspect that could fill people with regrets when they look back. It is often said that the wrong partner could scatter one’s plans and life goals. It could draw someone back and make many lose their bearing. Sad part is most people don’t realize this until their life is almost over or they run into someone from the past whose life played out differently.

The following are things that could be termed regrets for most people

1. Not Fighting Hard Enough

Many people have ended up with the plan B because the Plan A screwed up and they felt they had to move on. At the time of making that decision, it may seem like the most appropriate but later in life, they may feel like they acted hastily and shouldn’t have settled for the person they settled with. While this may not be the same for everyone, most people have second thoughts and nurse a little feeling of regret when they see the people they gave up on then as successful people and remarkable icons in the society.

2. Courage To Express Feelings

Lots of people have missed their chances at happiness due to being unable to express their innermost desires. For ladies in this part of the world, it’s a little awkward for them to ask men out. These ladies most times get too attached to these men that they share their vulnerabilities with them. These ladies wait patiently for the men to express themselves but most times they never do. The men see the ladies as friends and even ask them for advices on their relationships. It’s a hard thing watching the one you love get hooked to someone else without being able to change the situation. Some men also go through the ordeal of watching a lady they have loved all their lives get married to someone else.

3. Not Opening One’s Heart To Love

For others, regrets about love life may not actually be in the form of the above, it may be as a result of being too conscious. Many people miss out being with the love of their lives because they take them for granted and feel they would never leave. Many get so comfortable with the thoughts of a man or woman being all over them while they don’t return the love and affection. Love, if not nurtured will die. Same thing goes for feelings. Eventually, reality sets in only after the partner has moved on and has settled for someone else.

4. Living In The Moment

Not every relationship ends up in marriage. Some relationships are simply meant to be enjoyed. Sometimes one could be with a partner who would add colors and give one memorable times. However, many people are too conscious and discard such friendships long before they bloom. Many people end up being married and still look back at that one ex they wish they had spent more time with. Life is too short to deprive oneself of happiness. Anxiety of treading with caution as the future remains hidden to many make them hold back in some relationships.

5. Unfair Treatment

Another issue that fills people with regrets when they think about their love life is not being fair to their partners. Lots of people have treated their partners unjustly while they were dating. This amidst other reasons could have led to the break up. Even after a long time, many people get pricked by their conscience and can’t help not feeling bad about the situation especially if their partner was true to them and didn’t deserve any of the ill treatments they were given. People tend to appreciate other people’s attributes long after they have gone which explains the saying “what you really value is what you miss, not what you have”

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