5 Things You Must Consider Before Giving An Ex Another Chance


Not every one of us has the same love story. While some people meet the love of their life in high school and they stay together until marriage, others may experience a few breaks and pauses in the relationship.

Giving an ex another chance is not always a bad thing. Sometimes, space is exactly what your relationship needs for you to appreciate each other more. But keep in mind that taking back an ex can also end in disaster.

So how do you make the right choice?

1. Be clear on what caused the breakup

If you cannot specifically say what ended your relationship, you cannot restart it on the right note. If needed, make a written list of what your issues were so you can see things objectively.

5 Things You Must Consider Before Giving An Ex Another Chance Zumi.ng

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2. Are things different

Before giving an ex another chance, you have to make sure the things that ended your relationship are no longer existing. If you had trust issues or infidelity issues, for example, you should make certain that these are things you’ve been able to deal with.

3. Take off the rose-colored glasses

Sometimes when you miss an ex, you only focus on the good parts of the relationship. You tend to forget the problems, hence, you’re wearing rose-colored glasses. Make sure you’re reflecting on that relationship honestly. Don’t just fall into a pattern because it feels good. Or else those problems you’re ignoring will come rushing back.

4. The time factor

You shouldn’t consider giving an ex another chance if you do not give yourself time to figure out what the problem was in the relationship and if this is what you want. Breaking up and making up a day later solves nothing. In fact, it’s very dangerous for the relationship and for your own emotional health. Take a few months apart so you can clearly think about what you want.

5 Things You Must Consider Before Giving An Ex Another Chance Zumi.ng

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5. Never stop talking

If you think giving your ex another chance is the right move, make sure you and your partner explore this by communication. Talk about the past, your expectations, what has changed, why you want to try again, etc. Don’t just sweep everything under the rug and run into his arms.

If you will rather move on, then consider these reasons why you should not rush into a new relationship after a breakup.




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