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5 Times Actor Made Us Laugh So Hard In Nollywood MoviesZUMI



Guys, it’s John Okafor AKA Mr Ibu’s birthday, and we think you all deserve to have a good laugh today while celebrating him.

Mr Ibu is an incredibly talented actor, but most of all, we love him because he makes us laugh so hard. Over the years, he has featured in so many Nollywood classics that we can’t even keep track. Even years later, his old movies are still relevant and appreciated, especially on social media platforms like Twitter.

John Okafor AKA Mr Ibu

(Photo: Instagram/MrIbu)

The interesting thing about Mr Ibu is how funny he is even when he doesn’t try to be. It could probably be his facial expressions or his infamous petty one-liners. Whichever it is, he is easily one of our favourite comedy actors.

You should know that his journey to Nollywood didn’t come exactly easy for him. He had to drop out of the university due to lack of funds. He worked as a hair stylist, butcher, firewood seller and even dabbled into photography before attaining stardom.

In honour of his birthday, we’ve rounded up some of his funniest movies ever, for your laughing pleasure. You’re welcome, guys!

1. The Eve
2. Police Recruit
3. Mr Ibu
4. The Return of Sherikoko
5. Mr Ibu in London

Have you seen these movies? Which of them is your favourite? If you haven’t seen any of these, we recommend you do so immediately! And if you’re in the mood for more laughter, here are some hilarious Nollywood memes to make your day. 







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