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5 Times The Style Thesarus Shows Her Fashion Choices Are Out Of The Box



What more can you expect from a Style Thesarus? She sure does live up to her name!

Fashion has no rules in the book of The Style Thesaurus. She does not alienate any trends or colour as she’s a lover of all things fashion. The rewarding part? Her choices always pay off. All the time!

Her style is highly unlikely and out of the box! We are counting down 5 times she did blow our minds.

Dress & Pleat Skirt

This is as unlikely as it can get. The photo which she captioned “boombox style” features her in a bold print midi length dress and a pleat skirt. She completed the look with a purse and mules with adornments and inscriptions.


Blouse & Full Length Tulle Skirt

Firstly, the colour choice is excellent. The fact that the outfit was paired with sneakers is what knocks it out of the park.

Faux Fur Jacket & Wide Leg See-Through Pants

Layering is never a bad choice. The pleated and see-through elements of the pants is a killer combo with the faux fur jacket.


Blazer & Culottes

You could be attending an event in Italy in this outfit for all we know. The blazer, culottes, boots and the straw bag just go too well.

Stripped Blouse and Colourful Loose Fit Skirt

This is a full blown summer outfit. The stripes and colour filled skirt are an unlikely match. Let’s not even get into the sleeves and the silhouette of the skirt.


Unexpected huh? We thought so too! Do you love The Style Thesaurus’ take on fashion?

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