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5 Times You Should Take A Break From Your Relationship



Not all relationships will be smooth-sailing. Some couples need some time apart to deal with major issues and it usually turns out to be the best thing for them.

How do you know it’s time to take a break from your relationship? Check out some of the signs below.

Communication issues

When couples have difficulties communicating, they tend to argue more often and things can quickly get frustrating. Sometimes, taking a step back will help. This way, you both have some space to think about what it is that’s really bothering you about the relationship. And if/when you do get back together, you should be able to express yourselves better.

take a break from your relationship

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Moving forward

Just because you’re happy as boyfriend/girlfriend does not mean you’re ready to be husband and wife. If one or both partners are not ready to make things more serious, you may want to take a break from your relationship. It does not mean you don’t love each other. There may be other issues that are making you hesitate and taking some time to think can help.

Having feelings for someone else

If you suddenly start crushing on a colleague, even though you are yet to make any plans to pursue things, you should take a break. Sometimes, having feelings for someone else is not a big deal. But there are those times the attraction could threaten your relationship. If you’re not sure you’re with the right person, then you should take a break from your relationship to figure it out.

take a break from your relationship

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Personal issues

Sometimes, we may have some issues that will require that we deal with them on our own. For example, if you have an addiction or aren’t mentally strong, you may want to take some time to sort yourself out. You don’t want to drag your partner into those problems.

Loss of trust

Perhaps you’ve cheated on your partner or vice versa. The betrayed person may find themselves wondering if they should stay or leave. At the very least, take a break to sort through your feelings and whether the trust can be rebuilt.

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