These 5 tips for amateur girlfriend s*x will help prepare you for the art of lovemaking even if you’re a beginner. Amateur s*x can be just as much fun and just as satisfying as s*x performed . people who are very experienced. If you’re girlfriend is an amateur too, then you’ll have the pleasure and excitement of exploring these s*x tips together.

Come prepared. Bring a few condoms with you because you never know when the first one might break. Since this is amateur girlfriend s*x, you might want to practice putting the condom on before you have the s*x. Tips like this will prevent mistakes and save you potential embarrassment.

self service before the s*x. If your still an amateur at having girlfriend s*x with a partner, you might get overly excited. This means that the s*x probably won’t last very long. When you self service beforehand, you relieve some of the pressure and increase your chances of having better amateur girlfriend s*x.

Use foreplay. Before you have girlfriend s*x, you need to get her prepared. If she doesn’t have adequate lubrication, the s*x will likely be painful. Use your hands and tongue to stimulate her adequately. If it’s just not happening, use water-based lubrication to make sure the amateur s*x is not painful.

Find the right location. Tips for amateur girlfriend s*x aren’t just about the s*x itself. You also need to have the right location so you both feel comfortable. The ideal spot will be a bedroom that offers privacy for several hours. Without a bed, you might find a difficult time getting a good s*xual position for the amateur s*x, and without privacy, you’ll likely both feel uncomfortable and rushed.

Let her choose the position. Amateur girlfriend s*x will usually be either you on top or her on top. Some girls like to have the control of being on top for amateur s*x, but your partner might prefer it if you’re on top to take the pressure off of her.

.: Mademen