5 Tips To Help Care For Your Human Hair Wigs


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Human hair wigs are a blessing! And with all blessings, we have to do our share in taking care of them.

That’s why we are sharing how to care for your human hair wigs today and always! Take our word for it, your human hair wigs won’t remain the same.

Check them out!

1. Make sure your wig is made of human hair

There are tons of wigs in the world. Some of them are made of human hair, while others are synthetic. There are even other variations that merge both. And caring for them all are different in their own way. That’s why it is important to verify that you have a human hair wig.

To be safe, give the retailer a call and ask some questions to help you be sure.

5 Tips To Help Care For Your Human Hair Wigs


2. Get a wig shampoo/conditioner

There are wig shampoos and conditioners that are specially made for human hair wigs. Some of the chemicals usually used in shampoo or conditioner are quite harsh, so it is important to get the right ones for your wig.

We would recommend the KUI Kuicare tea tree & cinnamon shampoo & conditioner which comes in 500ml. They both sell for N1,620 on ..

5 Tips To Help Care For Your Human Hair Wigs


5 Tips To Help Care For Your Human Hair Wigs


3. Use the right washing technique

You cannot wash your human hair wigs the way you wash your hair. It just shouldn’t happen. It really shouldn’t.

When washing your wig, soak the wig in a shampoo and water mixture and leave to soak for a bit. While soaking, swish it about to loosen the dirt more. Rinse out and add your conditioner to the wig. Take a wide tooth comb and brush through gently. Rinse and then hang to dry.

Ensure you do not rub or massage the wig as that could lead to tangling.

4. Stay away from excess heat

Just like your hair, too much heat is a no no! Keep your human hair wigs safe by reducing the heat you use on it. Why? It could lead to overdrying, breakage and loss of strands.

5 Tips To Help Care For Your Human Hair Wigs


Trust us, you don’t want to rock a wig that’s been overheated. Unless you’re into the whole bald eagle thing.

5. Don’t sleep or shower with your wig

Laying your wig daily can be such a task. But that in no way means you should sleep in or shower with your human hair wigs.

Washing your wig is all good, but when you hit the shower, take your wig off. And don’t sleep with your wig on either, that could lead to knots in your hair that could spell D-O-O-M for your human hair wigs.

5 Tips To Help Care For Your Human Hair Wigs


There you go! Follow these 5 tips and your human hair wigs will be slaying lives for months to come!

And if you’d like to make a wig of your own, here’s how!


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