5 Trendy Fashion Styles To Adopt For The Raining Season Love

If you live in Lagos Nigeria right about now then you would know that we are about to step into the raining season. If the recent predictions by the Government and the Nigerian centre for scientific research are anything to go by then you should be prepared for the raining season and its skirmishes it bring along. 5 Simply Trendy Fashion Styles To Adopt For The Raining Season

But hey! we are not the government so don’t bring your flood problems to us we are more concerned about how you dress and how to ensure you remain stylish amidst the raining and flood season.
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There certain styles and fashion game that you must pick up on now as the streets of Lagos get more and more flooded just as much as you’re

  1. Boots:
    Now the very first I would point out that you need to learn how to work with your fashion game is your footwear, from boots to plastic footies. Lagos is a very messy place environmentally during the raining season and you need to go out to make this dough, so you just need to find a way to step out looking stylish but safe and smart. So go get yourself a long rain boot. Once you have this in your wardrobe you wouldn’t need to take your shoes off when you need to walk in floodwaters.
  2. Trench Coats:
    Yeah! next is trench coats get yourself 2 of this. One for the office another for the house. Just in case you leave home without it raining you get caught in the rain at work you just pull it out and rock it back home.
  3. Comfy Large Leather Bags:
    Next, get yourself that dope smart large nice leather bag, that would work both for work where you can fit your laptops and office files while it still looks smart and stylish. Also, have it at the back of your mind for it to have enough space for your an umbrella or for your trench Jacket.
  4. Umbrellas: 
    Well by now this should be a law in Lagos always go out with an Umbrella but make sure its smart enough not to cramp your style.
  5. Turtle Necks: 
    Yes this might not seem popular but get yourself a turtleneck dress they’re very stylish and helps keep you warm amidst this cold weather and you wouldn’t need to go around shouting “weather for two”… Photo Credit: Getty

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