You just met her last night at a party or club or during the day in the streets and now you have her number…. what next? Some men after passing through the difficult task of getting a lady’s number they mess afterwards.

Today am going to share with you great tips on how to melt her heart with the kind of texts you are going to send her and win her heart instantly.

The follow up text
When you met this lady you probably had some chat, she told you where she stays, what she likes or maybe she was planning to go on a trip. Just ask her if she arrived safely, ask her if she is doing one of her likes she told you or how she is planning to go on a trip. If you to this you will be a caring person. Every woman wants a caring heart which by now you should have shown her.

The dive-in text
You met and you have been chatting day and night. You can dive in and ask for a date. Be like “I loved our conversation last night and I would like ask to continue with it at a dinner date in town”…… I suggest a date in town because this will be a neutral meeting place where both of you will feel free not unlike when a guy invites her into his house.

he warm up text
The key here is to engage her and show her genuine interest by asking questions, continuing the conversation, and then—it’s gotta happen sometime—asking her out. She may feel a flutter of excitement when you text her wondering how her week is going, but that excitement will quickly turn into frustration and disdain if you never take the next step. If she’s responding to your initial texts and participating in the conversation (one-word answers do not qualify), then she’s probably interested. You’ve got the green light.


The funny text
Almost all ladies cannot resist a funny guy. So sending her funny messages will make her smile and want to converse with you even more and more. You can take advantage of this and express your feelings in a funnier but much better way. Your main aim is to make her know what you want.

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The offer she can’t ignore text
If you really like this girl and just know you have to see her again, pull out the big guns—just prepare to drop some cash. Get tickets to a concert for the favorite band she mentioned, a reservation at that trendy new restaurant everyone’s dying to get into, or perhaps a sports event (only if the team is good, please). Get creative, and choose something awesome that’ll make her feel VIP. If you want to be really bold, tell her you got the tickets in hopes she’d join you, but if you want to . it a bit safer, pretend you just happen to have them. Note: If she passes on a kickass offer, she’s probably not worth your time anyway, and you can find someone cooler to take in her place.

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