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5 Ways To Make Your Fingers Stronger



Have you ever thought about exercising your fingers? It might sound weird, but it’s actually a good idea. Having strong fingers will make everyday tasks easier. This can include anything from writing to cooking. Even opening jars will come with ease. You’ll also be able to relieve tension from your hand, wrist, and arm. > are 5 exercises to work out your fingers.

5 Simple Exercises To Strengthen Fingers

1. Fist Flexes


Make a fist so that your thumb wraps around your fingers. Do not squeeze your hand into a tight fist. Keep it relaxed and comfortable. Hold it for 30 seconds then extend all of your fingers. This completes 1 rep.

Reps: 10

2. Stress Ball Squeeze


Tightly hold a stress ball. Squeeze it as hard as you can! This type of grip will be a workout for the muscles in your fingers. But, be sure to avoid using hard ones like tennis balls. Hold for 5 seconds. To complete 1 rep, release.

Reps: 5 each hand

3. Finger Lift


Place the palm of your hand on a flat surface. Lift your fingers one by one, holding each for 5 seconds. Focus on keeping the rest of your hand perfectly flat. Once you’ve lifted all your fingers, you’ve completed 1 rep. Another variation is to lift all your fingers at once.

Reps: 5 each hand

4. Thumb Touch


Relax your hand. Bend your thumb and pointer finger so that the tips meet. It should create an “O” shape, similar to the “OK” hand symbol. Hold for 30 seconds. Return to the original position to finish one rep.

Reps: 5 each hand

5. Thumb Curve


Turn your hand so that your palm is facing you. Extend and separate all of your fingers. Bend your thumb so that it meets the base of your pinky. It will look like you have counted to 4. Bring it back to the starting position to complete 1 rep.

Reps: 20 each hand

For best results, do these exercises 3 times a week. You can do them on the bus, at work, or while you’re watching television. It’s a great way to decrease muscle tension and relieve pain!

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