// In the Activity that will launch the native ad, // implement the AdListener interface and add the following: import com.facebook.ads.*; private NativeAd nativeAd; private void showNativeAd(){ nativeAd = new NativeAd(this, "473076559477025_1561996123918391"); nativeAd.setAdListener(new AdListener() { @Override public void onError(Ad ad, AdError error) { ... } @Override public void onAdLoaded(Ad ad) { ... } @Override public void onAdClicked(Ad ad) { ... } }); nativeAd.loadAd(); } // The next step is to extract the ad metadata and use its properties // to build your customized native UI. Modify the onAdLoaded function // above to retrieve the ad properties. For example: @Override public void onAdLoaded(Ad ad) { if (ad != nativeAd) { return; } String titleForAd = nativeAd.getAdTitle(); Image coverImage = nativeAd.getAdCoverImage(); Image iconForAd = nativeAd.getAdIcon(); String socialContextForAd = nativeAd.getAdSocialContext(); String titleForAdButton = nativeAd.getAdCallToAction(); String textForAdBody = nativeAd.getAdBody(); Rating appRatingForAd = nativeAd.getAdStarRating(); // Add code here to create a custom view that uses the ad properties // For example: LinearLayout nativeAdContainer = new LinearLayout(this); TextView titleLabel = new TextView(this); titleLabel.setText(titleForAd); nativeAdContainer.addView(titleLabel); ... // Add the ad to your layout LinearLayout mainContainer = (LinearLayout)findViewById(R.id.MainContainer); mainContainer.addView(nativeAdContainer); // Register the native ad view with the native ad instance nativeAd.registerViewForInteraction(nativeAdContainer); }
Woman with cup of fresh tasty black tea


Green tea allows you some flavor with plenty of benefits but did you know that it’s also helpful in achieving glowing skin? 

1.Green Tea Cleanser – Add a tbsp of green tea into your favorite cleanser or face wash. Gently massage it into the skin and leave it on for about 5 minutes before you rinse off for a clean and clear skin.

2. Green Tea Scrub – After every cup of green tea that you drink, take the tea bag out and cut it open. Empty the contents into a bowl along with honey to make a skin softening scrub.

3. Green Tea Facial – Make a rejuvenating mask using green tea. Mix 2 tbsp of yogurt with a tbsp of ground green tea leaves or green tea powder. Apply on the face for 20 minutes then rinse well with water. This mask will help brighten and even out the skin tone.

4. Green Tea Eye Mask – Next time you’re finished steeping your cup of tea, toss the bag into the fridge and place the cool tea bags on the eyes for few mins or soak few cotton pads in a cup of cold green tea, cut the cotton pads into half and place them under the eyes to treat dark circles and puffy eyes.

5. Green Tea Drink – You can also add green tea to your drinking regime as it not only keeps your body hydrated but can also help fight viruses and bacteria.



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