1. Boring Shoes: If you . it safe with your style, you also give the impression that you . it safe in life. While this may not be a turn-off for all women, there is definitely something to be said for a man who is confident and makes wise fashion choices with a little bit of edge. Something subtle like an oxford in a unique color or material will work wonders.

2. Odd Combinations: On the other hand, do not push your style so far as to commit a fashion faux pas. Follow the men’s fashion basics of mixing patterns and colors, and always look yourself over carefully in the mirror before heading out. Women will notice if what you are wearing clashes.

3. Unkempt Shoes: The way you take care of your shoes can indicate how much care you put into other aspects of your life. Keep your shoes clean and dry and polish dress shoes regularly. The better you treat your shoes, the longer they will last…and the better your first impression will be.

4. Square Toe Shoes: Square toe shoes look dated and have a tendency to weigh down your outfit. Keep your shoes streamlined like the rest of your ensemble, and opt for a slim silhouette with a rounded toe. This shape is stylish, masculine, and will work for a number of occasions.


5. White Socks: Avoid white tubular socks at all costs! Women like to see you have personality and style. If you dress more conservatively, match your socks to the color of your suit. Never match your socks to the color of your shoes. If you like to make a little more of a stir, choose a printed or colorful dress sock.

Shoes say a lot about you, whether you want them to or not. A woman may judge your personality, your values, your fashion savvy and your financial status with a quick glance at your feet. Make a great impression by choosing your shoes carefully and treating them with care.

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