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5 Ways Yoga Can Help Improve Your Sex Life



We’re always discussing how to make s*x better, the little things you can do before s*x, what you can do during the s*x, and even after s*x, then newly coined word, afterplay. The cuddle after s*x can make it even better, also how exercises can make you better during s*x.

Do you do Yoga or maybe thinking about it, this might be another reason why you should totally start it and for people who are doing it, you must have recognized how it the body twisting exercise has made your s*x life better.

According to Elite Daily, doing those exercises can make your s*x better, and > are the 5 ways in which it can do that.

1. Yoga can help fortify the muscles for s*x

Stamina is important for s*x, which you know . now. If you want to improve your stamina for s*x, then Yoga should be what you need to incorporate into your life. Examples of the exercises that can help strengthen your core includes plank, chaturanga and downward-facing dog, they work great for the arms, legs, shoulder and most importantly the core. And those are the places you need for the s*xual battle you’re about to embark on.

If you’re interested in things like shower s*x, fun fact about s*x in the shower, it’s not as great as they make it out to be in movies P0*no or others. Just in case you’re bent on it, you might want to try the tree, chair and warrior III position, they can be helpful in strengthening the legs, pelvic muscles and of course your core.

2. Yoga helps you get flexible

This is like one of the biggest advantages of Yoga. Guess what human re-creative activity needs flexibility? You guessed right, s*x! The flexibility that you might need during s*x so you don’t pull a muscle while trying some crazy s*x position that looked great on the internet.

No one needs your ability to bend over backwards >, if you can do that. You might have a bright career in P0*no movies.

3. Yoga is great for your libido

Libido is your s*xual desire, the s*xual appetite, don’t let the big word fool you, doing Yoga can help increase blood flow into those places that get you excited down there. Some of the poses can help with that include; eagle pose, pigeon pose, bound angle and essentially any wide-leg splits. These positions increase blood circulation around your pelvic area.

4. Yoga releases stress

At this point, Yoga might as well be the holy grail. Stress can kill off anything even the desire to have s*x. If you’re stressed, it might even be difficult to get it up, stress hormones are a motherf**ker. Studies have shown that doing Yoga can help reduce stress and anxiety maybe even depression. If you feel better about life itself, surely you’ll enjoy s*x more.

5. Yoga improves your confidence

Anyone lacking on confidence may be not be as happy as they should be. If you see ardent Yoga people, they have great bodies, and not really those Instagram babies with awesome bodies and those Yoga pants, Jeez! Those things are as revealing as b*tt unclad can be. Even guys that do Yoga look good.

Looking good can lead to feeling good there . boosting your confidence. If you’re confident with yourself and your body, the s*x definitely will get better. It’s that easy!

.: Pulse

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