Everything has been perfect all until now. You walked into the wedding reception hall you intend to use  and everything from the walls to the chairs and tables all go against your wedding theme. What do you do? We have your back!

Here are the perfect reception decor hacks for you. You need to put these hacks in place before your wedding and include them in your overall pan and strategy.

1. The venue chairs are out of style and do not fit your theme.

Style hack: So the chairs do not line with your wedding theme, cool. Select a few chairs and have them decorated with fabrics synonymous with your theme. Then have an equal number of those chairs placed on each table; it will look like you originally planned it and definitely have a huge impact.

5 Wedding Reception Style Hacks You Need to Know About

(Wedding Corners)


2. The carpet or floor pattern contrasts with your Wedding theme and colour.

Style hack:It’s time to be creative and improvise. The hack is to keep your guests looking up. Arrange the guest tables closer to each other so there is little space to look down. Once your sitting arrangements and the red carpet are set, the contrasting floor will be unconsciously ignored.


3. The wall colour of the venue clashes with your wedding theme colour.

Style hack: No need to panic dear, instead of fighting the flaw, why not embrace it and make it yours. If the walls are a foreign color- let’s say yellow or red. Just add it to your theme by getting napkins/ handkerchiefs in the color and put them in the wine glasses of each table.


5 Wedding Reception Style Hacks You Need to Know About


4. The wedding reception venue comes with pre-installed drape patterns

Style hack: Take pieces of the theme fabric and colour. Then stylishly pin it across the drapes. Remember, the idea is to make it look like it is part of the decor.


5 Wedding Reception Style Hacks You Need to Know About



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