French braids are a certain type of hairstyle wherein all the hair is braided together to form one single braid.  The braiding will start at the forehead then it goes down at the back of the head. French braids are the simplest type of braiding styles. It also offers various advantages. It can keep your hair away from your face. Due to its sleek design, it looks elegant and sophisticated.

Why Are They Called French Braids

French braids do not symbolize France nor does it originate from France.  It did not start in Eurasia either.  Braids actually started in North Africa.  For a thousand years, people in Africa have been wearing braids.  Braiding hairstyles are portrayed in ancient arts.  For instance, about 6,000 years ago it was displayed in the rock art found in  Tassili n’Ajjer mountain range in Algeria. It also made an appearance in the Kouros statues of Greek art.  This style can also be seen on Celtic warriors.  During the Sung Dynasty, women at court are also wearing this style.

It is very puzzling, why a popular braiding style takes its name from a single country.  Even the French denied that this style originated from them.  Back in 1871, the term “French braid” actually made its first appearance in the Arthur’s Home Magazine.  There was a short story wherein the husband tells his wife to put up a new hairstyle (“French braid”).  However, it has no illustrations of what style the husband is referring to.

Want to keep your hair away from your face and look stylish! Why not try these different variations of French braids?  Some of the most popular French braid hairstyles are listed below.

Stunning French Braids Styles with Images

1. Double Dutch French Braid

Different French Braids

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French braids are well known all over the world, however, it does not represent France.

2. French Braid For Very Long Hairs

Best French Braids Styles

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Love the golden color!

3. Micronesian Braids

Braids Styles 2015

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This is a double four-strand French braid.

4. Braids Styles Basket Weave

Braids Styles Basket Weave

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A Micronesian girl having a basket weave French braids.

5. Lace Braids

Braids Styles Kids

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This lace braid headband is quite easy to create.

6. Diagonal Bow Braid

Corn Rolls Styles

Creating this style is not at all hard once you get the hang of it.

7. French Braid Hairstyles Ideas

Cornrows Styles

Even if you have shaved sides, you can still rock French braids. Be creative!

8. Double French Messy Bun Updo

Double French Braid

If you have already done French Braid then this style will just be very easy for you. Instead of French braids, you can also use Dutch braids.

9. Side French Braid

Elegant French Braids Styles

This French braid style has a touch of Bohemian.

10. Classic Double French Braid

Fabulous French Braids Styles

This hairstyle is incredibly beautiful.

11. Jessica Lowndes French Braid Look

Fishtail Braid

This style may look a bit complicated, however, if you’re familiar with French braid then you can do this easily.

12.  Cute French Braid Hairstyles

French Braid Hairstyles

French braid hairstyles are cute and sexy.

13. French Ladder Braid

French Braid Pigtails

These French braids hairstyles can enhance your look and personality in the most innovative way.

14. Reverse French Braid

French Braid .

We’re always looking for a simple and quick way of styling your hair. Opting for a reverse french braid might be a great idea.

15. French Plaits

French Braids

To do this, separate your hair into three sections and braid them together starting from the crown to the nape.

16. Two French Braids

French Braids Black Hair

Other variations on this style include Fishtail braids and Dutch braids.

17. Braided Crown

French Braids Crown

To create this style, just braid one side until it reaches the middle.  Do this on the other side and pinned them together.

18. Braids With Links

French Braids Hairstyle

For this style, just create two small braids on each side. Start creating a French braid from the right then incorporate the two small braids.

19. Loose French Braid

French Braids Hairstyles

French braids can add charm to your beauty.

20. Zigzag Braids

French Braids Hairstyles African American

Start braiding from the right side running to the left ear.

21. Faux French Braid

French Braids Hairstyles For African American

This is a slightly different look which is suitable for women of any age.

22. Unique Braided Hairstyle

French Braids Hairstyles For Black People

This style is an eight strand French braid separated into two four-strand braids.

23. Criss Cross French Braids

French Braids Hairstyles For Kids

French braid provides a natural and sophisticated look.

24. Double French Braid Hair

French Braids Hairstyles For Short Hair

This style can bring out the glamour in you.

25. French Braids Hairstyles Ideas

French Braids Hairstyles Ideas

These two French braids are turned into a bun.

26. Purple Fishtail Braids

French Braids Hairstyles Long Hair

This is a gorgeous and cute braid hairstyle which is suitable for long straight hair.

27. French Braid with a Bun

French Braids Hairstyles Tumblr

French braid hairstyle is getting to be popular in different parts of the world.

28. French Braids Hairstyles For Kids

French Braids Hairstyles With Weave

Braids can be done on different types of hair, whether it’s thick, thin, curly or straight.

29. Lovely French Braids

French Braids Hairstyles Youtube

French braid can give you an eye-catching look.

30. Lace Braids and French Braid

French Braids Lace Braids

The lace braids are incorporated into the French braid.

31. Fishtail Braid

French Braids Men

Sometimes there are short strands that cannot be added to the braid.  You can wear a headband to secure them.

32. French Braids Updo

French Braids .

French braids have unique styles and are famous in the  retro fashion.

33. French Braids Style

French Braids Style

Braids will always remain in the fashion trends.

34. Four Strand French Braid

French Braids Styles

French braids are getting to be more and more popular each day due to its unique styles.

35. Four Strand French Braids

French Braids Styles Black Hair

The two four-strand French braids are incorporated into a single nine strand braid.

36. Classic French Braids Styles 

French Braids Styles Classic

Some varieties of French braids include Waterfall French Braid, Fishtail French Braid, Chunky French braid and others.

37. French Braid with Low Ponytail

French Braids Styles For Black Hair

French braids are very adorable.

38. Loose French Braid

French Braids Styles For Kids

This hairstyle is suitable for different seasons.

39. Impressive Braids

French Braids Styles Kids

If you want to upgrade your usual hairstyle then you can try French braids styles.

40. Two French Braids And A Ponytail

French Braids Styles Ponytail

French braids are generally popular among Hollywood actresses.

41.  French Braid Bun

French Braids Styles Weave

The long hair French braid styles are more suitable for young women.

42. Seven Strand French Braid

French Braids Styles With Weave

Ponytail French braid styles are ideal for little girls.

43. Wedding French Braids 

French Braids Wedding

You can rock French braid styles for your wedding.

44. Two French Braids

French Braids With Weave

So neatly done!

45. Gorgeous French Braids

Gorgeous French Braids

This classic French braid still looks gorgeous.

46. Cute And Funky Braids

Hair Braids Styles

This French braid starts at the top and ends at the nape with a ponytail!

47. Combo Braids

How To Do French Braids

French braids are classic and beautiful.

48. Elegant French Braids

New French Braid Hairstyles

Doing a French braid on someone’s hair might not be difficult, but can you do it on your own hair?

49. Tiny French Braids

Pictures Of French Braids

Naya Rivera rocked a simple style with tiny French braids.

50. French Braids Fishtail

Pictures Of French Braids Fishtail

French braids can be worn every day.

51. Rainbow French Braid

Rainbow French Braid

This style can definitely brighten up your day.

Other Variations of French Braid

  • Dutch Braid – This style is also known as inverted French braid. Rather than crossing the strands under each other, you will be doing it over each other.
  • Fishtail Braid – Instead of dividing your hair into three,your will only divide them into two. During the 19th century, it is called “Grecian braid.” It is done by passing one section over the other section.

How To Do French Braids

French braiding is a classic style that you can learn quickly. Just follow these steps:

  • Step One: Get three equal sections of hair from the top of the head.
  • Step Two: Start braiding and add some strands from the side.
  • Step Three: As you continue braiding, add some strands from each side.
  • Step Four: Continue the process until you reach the nape of the neck.
  • Step Five: Do a regular braid until the ends are reached.
  • Step Six: Use an elastic to secure the braid.


French braids might have been your hairstyle when you were still a child, but you can still wear them even if you are already an adult. Even if you have short hair, you can still rock this style.  For an amazing look, why not try adding glitters?