55 Ombre Hair Color Ideas and Trends to Shine in 2020

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Ombre hair has been around for quite some time and has transformed in a variety of ways. Most people believed that this trend has come and gone. However, the truth is, it is still in high demand. This is a perfect way of expressing yourself and showcasing a different side of your personality. With this look, you can definitely shine because of its unique combination of light and dark hues. Whether you have a short bob or long straight hair, going for an ombre style would definitely be a good decision.

What is Ombre Hair?

Ombre hair can be achieved by gradually blending one color to another. It is a French word which means “shadow” or “shade”. This is considered one of the hottest trends in the fashion world. Also, it is the best way of sporting a low maintenance look without sacrificing your style. You can either go for a natural, soft, or bold look. The color options are limitless. In case you want to know what an ombre hair color looks like, then just look at the pictures below. These are the best ombre hair color ideas for 2020!

Unique Ombre Hair Color Ideas

Blonde Ombre Hair

This is a classic example of a brown to blonde ombre from Sofia Vergara.

DIY Ombre Hair

Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas

A mermaid black to green ombre. This trend is not only great for spring and summer but also for winter.

Ombre Blonde Hair

Blonde Ombre Hair

Bey has been doing a lot of experiments when it comes to ombre style. Here, she uses a lighter to darker look.

Blue Ombre Hair

Blue Ombre Hair

Chyna opted for a unique twist by choosing a reverse ombre style. Likewise, she introduced a surprising color, making it look more stunning.

Brown Ombre Hair

Brown Ombre Hair

This ombre style works great on Asian hair.

Ombre Red Hair

Brunette Ombre Hair Color Ideas

If you want to add bright colors to your life, then a bright red ombre style is the best option. This style can quickly grab attention. Well, she can have a lot after she wears this eye-grabbing ombre style.

Ombre Brown Hair

Cost Of Ombre Hair Color At Salon

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Laverne Cox has worn this style in various ways.

Ombre Hair Blue

Dark Ombre Hair

Neon ombre style can certainly grab attention.

Ombre Hair Ideas

Diy Ombre Hair

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Khloe Kardashian blends four shades of blonde to create an amazing dream blonde ombré.

Ombre Hair Color

Diy Ombre Hair Color

This black and turquoise ombre style is perfect for your choppy bob.

Ombre Hair Color Blonde

Grey Ombre Hair

Chrissy Teigen’s ombre is darker on the root and blonde on the tips.

Ombre Hair Color Ideas

How To Do Ombre Hair

A funky ombre in various colors, perfect for fun-loving girls. With this style, you can always stay in the spotlight.

DIY Ombre Hair Color

How To Do Ombre Hair Color

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Model Jourdan Dunn dyed her hair from roots to tips. This chocolate and caramel ombré frames her face amazingly.

Ombre Hairstyles

How To Do Ombre Hair Color At Home

This is a perfect way of creating great wonders.

Kim Kardashian Ombre Hair Color

Kim Kardashian Ombre Hair

Kim Kardashian created one of the biggest transformations by cutting her hair. And the biggest surprise of them all is the ombre ends.

Ombre Hair Color Ideas For Dark Hair

Ombre Black Hair

Priyanka Chopra’s ombré style is not very obvious. She transformed the tips of her hair from natural brunette to a sun-kissed brown.

Ombre Short Hair

Ombre Blonde Hair

This ombre style is ideal for different types of hair and face framing.

Ombre Caramel Hair Color

Ombre Blue Hair

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This face-framing toffee ombre looks great on Salma Hayek.

Ombre Hair Dye

Ombre Braiding Hair

Want to add a touch of pink to your current style? Then all you need is a pink ombre style. You can choose metallic pinks for black hair, pastel pinks for blonde hair, or anything in between!

Short Ombre Hair

Ombre Brown Hair

Thandie Newton’s angled bob looks fabulous in bronze ombre.

Ombre Purple Hair

Ombre Clip In Hair Extensions

If you want a little transformation, then you can go a lighter shade. However, if you want to go bold, then you can try purple and red.

Ombre Hair Brown

Ombre For Dark Hair

The blunt bob looks great on Gina Rodriguez, as well as it’s chestnut tips.

Ombre Blue Hair

Ombre Hair

With this pastel ombre style, you can look like a fairy princess.

Ombre Hair Color Brown

Ombre Hair Ash Blonde

Lucy Hale rocks a unique ombré that starts near the roots.

Pictures Of Ombre Hair Color

Ombre Hair Black

Want to look different? Then you should go for an orange to pink ombre style. The crown is dyed in fiery orange, then it gradually fades into pastel pink. So gorgeous!

Ombre Hair Color For Short Hair

Ombre Hair Blue

Vanessa Hudgens adds drama to her style by sporting a high-contrast color.

Ombre Hair Color At Home

Ombre Hair Color

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If you desire to have a subtle lightening on the tips, then you can use hair dye rather than bleach. This is much safer, especially if you are doing your own ombre at home.

Ombre Hair Short

Ombre Hair Color For Morena

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Kiernan Shipka’s lighter ends are more visible at the bottom of this half-up hairdo.

Grey Ombre Hair

Ombre Hair Color For Short Hair

With ombre style, you can make it natural or creative. However, the main idea is still the same, the color gradually fades to the bottom. The silver ombre style is a great solution if you want to update your hairdo.

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Ombre Hair Color Ideas For Brown Hair

Ombre Hair Color Ideas

Ombre style is so versatile, that is why they are currently trending.

Purple Ombre Hair

Ombre Hair Color Ideas For Black Hair

Purple ombre is a fun way to getting creative.

Ombre Hair Color Ideas For Short Hair

Ombre Hair Color Ideas For Blondes

Emma Stone’s ombre starts with deep red at the roots then gradually changes into strawberry blonde at the tips.

Ombre Hair Black

Ombre Hair Color Ideas For Brown Hair

Brown ombre looks gorgeous and can warm up any look. It looks impressive on dark hair.

Ombre Hair Short Brown

Ombre Hair Color Ideas For Dark Hair

Ciara uses blonde ombre for her face-framing.

Ombre Hair Color Red

Ombre Hair Color Ideas For Short Hair

An intense look for women with red hair. A great transformation from red to pink ombre.

Ombre Hair Style Blonde

Ombre Hair Color Ideas Pinterest

Lauren Conrad is one of those celebrities who adores an ombré style.

Ombre Hair Color Ideas For Black Hair

Ombre Hair Color Ideas Tumblr

An ultimate transformation for people who want some drama in their lives. It starts from a dark shade and turns into a magnificent pastel purple at the ends.

Ombre Hair Straight

Ombre Hair For Black Hair

A sleek blunt chop can exaggerate your ombré look.

Ombre Hair Brown To Blonde

Ombre Hair Gray

While some people chose a subtle transition for their hair color, you can also go for solid shades with minimal variation.

Ombre Hair For Dark Hair

Ombre Hair Red

The streaks of caramel brown provide dimension to her black hair.

Sunny Ombre

Ombre Purple Hair

Brown to blonde ombre is perfect for women with dark hair. It can lighten their hair without too much bleach and regular maintenance.

Ombre Hair For Blondes

Ombre Red Hair

Ombre creates an illusion of texture to your hair so you do not need to add more volume.

Sizzling Ombre Hair

Ombre Short Hair

These two shades complement each other. It feels natural yet it can make you stand out.

Sleek Ombre Style

Pictures Of Ombre Hair Color

A smooth transition from natural ash to buttery blonde.

Trendy Ombre Hair

Purple Ombre Hair

This is the softer version of the ombre trend. The bottom is kept lighter so it can blend well with the roots.

Chestnut Ombre

Red Ombre Hair

Chestnut brown ombre is a preferred choice for most brunettes. It is a blend of dark and caramel brown. Looks ultimately breathtaking!

Ombre Hair Red

Red Ombre Hair Color

If you are craving for brightness then blend your ombre with darker shades. This can ultimately quench your thirst.

Gorgeous Rainbow Ombre

Red Ombre Hair Color Ideas

Want to experiment with an out-of-the-ordinary shade? If you have brown hair then perhaps this dark brown ombre style is just what you need! This blend of pinks, peaches, and purples can definitely stand out in a crowd.

Ombre Hair With Bangs

Reverse Ombre Hair Color

In this hairstyle, the fringe is dip-dyed into pastel pink. In case you are not yet ready for a full-blown light brown ombre, then perhaps you can try dip-dyed bangs.

Ombre Hair Color Blue

Short Ombre Hair

You can sport this denim ombre no matter if your locks are short or long. This is absolutely flattering!

How to do Ombre Hair?

Ombre hair is the latest trend that you should not miss. Most famous celebrities have gone head over heels for this style including Beyoncé, Rihanna, Sofia Vergara, Vanessa Hudgens, Drew Barrymore, Khloe Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, and Kylie Jenner.  In order to achieve this look, you don’t have to go to a salon since you can do it right in the comfort of your home. It might also be a good idea to invite a friend over to help you with getting it done. Once it’s completed, you’ll feel proud of your hairdressing skills as well as your celebrity look!

First of all, before you begin you should prepare all the things that you need. This includes large clips, mixing bowl, plastic gloves, applicator brush, towel, hairbrush, and of course your hair dye or hair bleach. After you have prepared all these things, then the next thing to do is to prepare your hair. You must dye it back to its original color. If you have dyed your hair previously with red or purple, then ideally you can begin with mid-brown.

Ombre Hair Step by Step Instructions

Step One: Be sure to condition your hair before you start coloring it. Trim the split ends on your hair. Wash your hair one or two days prior to the ombre coloring process. In this way, the natural oil can protect your hair. Test the bleach on your hair so you will know if your hair can handle it.

Step Two: Keep in mind that the bleach might stain your clothes. So, it would be better to change into old clothes and use old towels as well.

Step Three: Cut the foil into different lengths. Make sure that there’s more than enough to cover your head.

Step Four: Brush your hair to remove the tangles.

Step Five: Divide your hair into four sections. The first section should be the bottom portion of your hair. Secure the hair across the head and beneath the earlobe with a large clip. The next section is the middle section which starts in the middle of the ear. The upper section consists of the remaining hair. If you want, you can leave a fringe. If you have a fringe, then this is your last section. Secure each section with a clip.

Step Six: Mix the bleach in a mixing bowl. In case you come in contact with the bleach, you have to wash it right away.

Step Seven: Wrap a towel around yourself and start coloring your hair. Get a small portion of your hair and apply the bleach using a brush or your hands. Be sure to wear your gloves. Fold the foils around the hair. Start at the tips of the hair. Wait until the bleach develops. Once you are satisfied, you can rinse it off with warm water. Now you’re done!

Getting your Ombre Haircut

The choice of colors for your ombre hair will probably depend on your skin tone and the natural color of your hair. If you have a cooler skin tone and your hair is medium brown then you can go for chestnut or icy brown. Women with warmer skin tone and have red hair can go for golden and peachy ombre. Brunette women should avoid using cooler tones, rather, opt for a warmer one like honey. Red ombre is the popular choice right now and it can look great on darker hair.

There are so many options that you can choose from. If you want to take your dark hair to the next level, then just try to lighten it up. Contrast is great, most people love contrast than keeping things more natural. It seems like this hair trend isn’t going anywhere. The ombre dye can be done easily at home, however, if you have some doubts, then you can always visit a salon and let the stylist do it for you. Have you tried to dye your hair into an ombre style? Let us know in the comments below!

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