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57+ Ghana Braids Styles with Pictures (2020 Trends)

Ghana braids also known as Banana cornrows, use extensions that touch the scalp.  Start by creating cornrow braids.  As you go along, you need to add more synthetic hair so as to create bigger braids. This style which is also known as straight backs is considered as the best protective style for women who have naturally curly hair. Braids are not only for women but also for men. In fact, Justin Bieber was recently spotted wearing cornrows.

Pictures of Ghana Braids Hairstyles

1. Best Ghana Braids


Super long braids will always be here forever.

2. African Braid Hairstyles

Ghana braids are also known as invisible cornrows, banana braids,  pencil braids, and Cherokee cornrows.

3. Banana Cornrows Styles

These braids are a classic cornrow hairstyle which has a thicker size.

4. Purple Ghana Braids

Ghana braids had been around for a while.

5. Best Cornrow Braids Hairstyles

This trendy new braid hairstyle seems to be on the internet most often.

6. Beautiful Ghana Braids Styles


We’ve seen different varieties of braids flood on Pinterest and Instagram, yet this style is having a great moment right now.

7. Big Ghana Braids


Ghana braiding actually originated in Africa, which is why it is known as Ghana.

8. Ghana Weaving


Among the braided hairstyles, Ghana braids are considered very unique.

9. Amazing Ghanaian Weaving


This is not like your normal braiding process. In this style, you need to add hair to the braids in a continual process.

10. Cornrow Braids


This style is suitable for any women of all ages.

11. Elegant Braids


Want to rock this fierce hairstyle?

12. Glorious Braids


These parallel braids look neat and stylish as well.

13. Inspiring Hairstyle


Anyone can look great in these braids!

14. Easy Ghana Braids


Do you want to look your best?

15. Colorful Braids


These feeding cornrows are the go-to summer hairstyle especially when it’s really hot and you can’t think of anything else to do.

16. Braids For Any Season


Hey ladies, have you tried these Ghana braids?

17. Twist and Cornrow Braids


There’s no doubt that this style is one of the most iconic types of braids.

18. Braids Hairstyles With Extensions For Kids


Ghana braid is a well known African style that is usually found in most African countries.

19. Banana Cornrows


This type of style may require special skills.

20. Green Ghanaian Braids


This style has been known for its complexity and finest details.

21. New Style


This style has been seen on various celebrities.

22. Cherokee Cornrows


This style is usually worn by famous celebrities on and off the red carpet.

23. Beautiful Styles of Ghana Braids


Models on Fashion Week runways are rocking this style.

24. Ghanaian Braids


It doesn’t only look nice but it can also last longer.

25. Protective Style


It has the ability to completely transform your appearance.

26. Invisible Cornrows


These braids which run toward the back of your head can quickly give you an edge.

27. Pencil Braids


This hairstyle carries various names, depending on which region of the world you are.

28. Top Braids Styles


Nigerians call this style “Ghana Weaving”.

29. Ghana Braids Styles


Some people call this style as cornrows.

30. Ghana Cornrows


This hair style actually originated from the country of Ghana, situated in the Western part of Africa.

31. Nice Updo


Typically, cornrows can be worn by men or women, however, Ghana weaving can only be worn by women.

32. Hairstyle for Long Hair


Ghana weaving can also be used as accents to your curls or waves.

33. Ghana Cornrows


Want to upgrade your basic look into a more elegant hairstyle?

34. Ghana Cornrows Braids


This is the perfect protective style if you don’t have time to do your hair.

35. Ghana Cornrows Maintenance


With the right maintenance, you can enjoy wearing this style for a couple of days.

36. Thin Braids


The best thing about this hairstyle is that when you take it down, you can enjoy fabulous waves!

37. Ghana Weaving Hairstyle


Why don’t you put off those Brazilian wigs and opt for a simpler yet classy Ghana braids?

38. African Hairstyle


To make Ghana braids, you can start by braiding the hair to the scalp using crescent pattern while the loose braids are left hanging down on the back.

39. Hairstyle For Women of All Ages


This style can give your hair some rest while protecting it from harsh environmental elements.

40. Ghana Weaving Styles For Round Faces


Looks stunning!

41. Great Looking Braids


This traditional hairstyle for women has been popular throughout Africa, most especially in North Africa, and West Africa.

42. Great Looking Braids Style


This particular hairstyle has a deep history and meaning.

43. New Protective Style Cornrows


The Ghana braiding can be associated with religion, status, age,  ethnicity, and others.

44. Nigerian Braids Hairstyles


This style starts with thin cornrows then its size gradually increases.

45. Lovely Braids


This hairstyle is ideal for any special occasions.

46. Good Looking Braids


This style is composed of simple patterns.

47. New Ghana Braids Styles


This is the best protective hairstyle for summer.

48. Awesome Braids Styles


It gives you a polished feeling with very detailed quality.

49. Ghana Weaving


This style reminds us of traditional basket weaving.

50. Simple Ghana Braids


This is nicely done!

51. Stylish Ghana Braid


This is a great hairstyle for the summer.

Best-selling Ghana braids on the Market Right now

The History of Ghana Braids

It was around 500 B.C. when Ghana braids became prominent in Africa. It was originally created to give honor to social status, to increase your chakra energy, religion, age, and ethnicity. During that period, Ghana’s braiding style can be observed in Hieroglyphs and sculptures.

It can be seen at the back of the head of a sphinx. This style managed to survive through the Middle Passage until Western civilization. Some slaves create curvier and more complicated designs to show their defiance and protest when their masters want to straighten their hair. At the time that they were caught and sold, they decide to shave their heads.


Now, a lot of women from various ethnic groups and races are rocking Ghana braids more than ever. It looks great on women of all ages. You can also adorn it with beads or flowers. If you want your shoulder length hair to look longer, then you tucked some extensions into it.

We have collected different Ghana braids styles, from the center-parted braids to the most detailed hairdo.  These images only prove that any woman can rock this cool style. What are you waiting for? Start pulling out your combs and start braiding right now.  Continue scrolling to get you inspired.

Best Products for Ghana Braids

Latch Crochet Wooden Hair Knitting Needle

A very handy tool for creating crochet braids.

Havana Twist Crochet Hair Extension

Buy only quality braiding hair extensions.

Hair extensions are great for women and kids’ braids.

How to Do Ghana Braids

In order to create Ghana braids, you must know how to make cornrows. Start by making cornrows and add some hair so as to create sharp edges on your braids.

Step One: Part the hair in the middle or on the side of the head. Make sure that the part is thin and straight so that you can create a medium-sized braid. Use a hair clip to secure the remaining hair.

Step Two: Take a thin layer and start braiding at the scalp. As you add hair, keep it tight so that the braids won’t come loose.

Step Three: Finish up by creating regular cornrows. The braids should be thin at the start then gradually starts to get thicker as the braided hair goes at the back of the head.

Step Four: Do the same process until such time that all the hair is braided.

If you want to learn how to create the perfect Ghana braids then watch this video:

Ghana Braids FAQ

Ghana braids are just one example of a hairstyle you can do if you want to mix it up with your hair routine. As is the case any time you learn something new, we are sure you have some questions. Don’t worry – we have combined some of our readers’ most frequently asked Ghana braids questions for you below.

How long do Ghana braids last?

The answer to this question depends on how well you take care of them. With minimal attention, they will last around 2-3 weeks. If you want them to last even longer, you can take extra precautions such as wearing a silk bonnet or scarf to bed. This will help keep the braids tight and will also protect against frizz.

Are Ghana braids considered a protective hairstyle?

The short answer is yes. Any hairstyle that involves braiding the hair close to the scalp is definitely considered a protective hairstyle. This means that when you have your hair Ghana braided, you are less likely to have breakage that causes your hair to be shorter.

How long does it take to put in Ghana braids?

This number varies based on who installs them, how much experience they have, and how thick your hair is. Typically, you can expect to sit and wait for your stylist to be done anywhere between four and eight hours. So, you will definitely want to bring some entertaining material like a book or something similar.

Closing Thoughts: Ghana braids

Do you like this style? Have you rocked Ghana braids this summer?  Ghana weaving can be worn on any occasion such as weddings, prom, and others. Aside from making your look neat and beautiful, braids can also be used as a hiding place for a recorder.


Raissa Diaz is a freelance hairstylist for a long time. Her expertise started as she was fascinated with hairstylists in a salon. She continues to become more adept in her field and enjoys her free time sharing her knowledge through articles.


57+ Ghana Braids Styles with Pictures (2020 Trends)

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