Stripe is one staple that virtually every girl needs in their closet, stripe has been trending these days but not in the office setting. It’s often said that stripes do not mix, but really stripe goes with anything. There are lots of pattern for stripes that we haven’t tried but our fashion lovers have and they have equally shown us that rules regarding stripes can be broken.

You need not bother about guidelines in wearing stripes, but think of the pattern that fits you and look best on you. If you have never given stripe a chance in your life or you always ignore it when out for shopping, now is time for you to nail them rightly like a genius in whatever pattern you want, from the horizontal, vertical, thin, thick or combination of them all. Below are easy ways to slay stripe like a genius to the office:







You must have seen how red and other colors go well on stripe regardless of the pattern, stripe is always a go getter. There are virtually no rules in wearing stripe and it goes on anything. You can slay stripe to the office confidently and not only for outings.

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