No matter how intoxicating you find someone, there are certain things you need to know before you two get super serious. Some of them may seem ‘unsexy’, but getting the answers to these questions will help deepen how well you know each other, which is actually the sexiest thing of all.

1. Where does he want to live?
This is essential because if one person expects to live in a certain state or town and the other wants to move across the country or closer to their family, you’ll wind up arguing and feeling resentful.

2. Is he religious?
You need to know whether or not your partner supports your views on religion, and most importantly, what beliefs he would want to pass on to children.

3. Does he dream of being a dad?
You don’t want one person expecting to start a family while the other actually has no interest in having children

4. How does he handle money?
How much debt does he have, and how is he trying to chip away at it? Is he good at sticking to a budget?

5. How does he treat his mom?
Think of it as getting a sneak peek into his childhood. Seeing a man have a good relationship with his parents and treating them with respect says a lot about core experiences he’s had growing up.

6. Is he rude to waiters?
Or . drivers, busboys, and bartenders? Notice how your partner treats strangers, especially those providing him service.



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