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6 Problematic Nigerian TV Couples We Dislike

Here at ZUMI Nigeria, one of our favourite things to do is to watch and dissect the characters from our favourite TV shows. Recently, we shared some of our favourite Nigerian TV couples with you, and we also discussed why we love them.

Following up to that list, we decided to share the Nigerian TV couples we can’t stand. Real-life Nigerian relationships don’t always make sense  – especially since you people love to cheat. From cheating to being borderline uninspiring, we’ve compiled a list of couples that made us cringe on TV. Here are some of them:

1. Tes and Teni – Battleground

Granted, Teni suffered a miscarriage, and this caused her a lot of pain and emotional stress. However, cheating with Tes only made her life even more complicated. The fact that they’re both married makes their relationship even more pointless.

2. Shalewa and Muhammed – Skinny Girl In Transit

They made this list simply because they’re an ill-fitting pair. Shalewa is conceited and over-the-top while Muhammed is rigid and boring.

3. Suara and Toyin Tomato – Superstory season 1

These two have the most toxic relationship we’ve seen on TV. Their relationship is the classic tale of the Nigerian man who starts cheating on his wife as soon as he secures the bag. Unfortunately for Suara, Toyin Tomato is as devious as they come.

4. Amaka Ade-Williams and all the men she dated/married – Tinsel

It goes without saying that Amaka has the worst taste in men, from dangerously obsessive lovers to manipulative criminals who constantly put her and her son’s lives at risk

5. All the couples in The Men’s Club

Every single couple on this show is problematic, from the unambitious women to the men who are essentially stereotypes of cheating Lagos men.

6. Tobi and Leila – MTV Shuga

Tobi and Leila’s relationship was a big red flag from the jump. The showrunners specifically wrote their story as a depiction of unhealthy relationships many young Nigerian women find themselves in. Tobi is a manipulative jerk who has no respect for Leila’s wishes. Leila is also naive and even puts herself in uncomfortable positions to gain Tobi’s attention.









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