Honestly, no one wants to live an impoverished life! Women have been known to show more interest in men with affluence; men who could cater for their needs and make them feel incredible at all times.

Although, there are few exceptions to this, money is still a huge turn on for most women. In present times, the world is fast evolving and no one wants to live a life laced with poverty and the inability to measure up to societal standards. The same way men search for women who aren’t just beautiful but fertile, women tend to be more attracted to men who are rich or with potentials that could set them on the course of fame and success. This point could be faulted by many who think rich men shouldn’t be success ladders; even the hardworking and independent women want men with good fortunes to complement their own successes. A wrong choice in relationship or marriage could wreck them and destroy that which they have taken years to build.

Below are some major reasons why money is a big deal to women


Women want financial security. It gives them a sense of safety and security. Having money to spend and to invest tend to ease the stress of people generally. All life’s worries seem to go away when money is readily available. Money gives women the assurance that the future is gleam and they could take the time to focus on other parts of their lives. It takes away every doubt and uncertainty that could prevent them from making major life decisions.


Money gives people a sense of empowerment. Women feel more comfortable knowing they have money at their disposal or have direct contact with a . that makes money easily accessible. It gives them the chance of living shielded lives; they are able to pay for services that maximize their safety. They also have the opportunity to live in suitable environments.

To Keep Up With The Trend

Money is a powerful resource that everyone aims to acquire. It has the ability to keep one in the spotlight and make one feel fabulous. Women love to look good at all times; with money this feat is achievable. Their beauty is maintained and their fashion sense changes with the trend of the society.


Money, being an essential commodity tends to bring different people from different walks of life to one’s abode. Women love attention; money would give them the opportunity of being sought here and there. In addition to this, they also have the opportunity to wine and dine with people who matter in the society. Money places people in the assembly of people that matters in the society.

Family Life

Women desire a beautiful future for their children. Who wants to raise kids in penury? Who doesn’t want the best education for them? Who doesn’t crave for holidays in countries with exotic beaches and beautiful sceneries? These and many more are the things women aspire for in marriage. However, these could only be sorted by the presence of money and the ability to be able to spend it.

Life Choices

Money is definitely a big deal to women as it acts as a guide in shaping their life choices. Not like the women are gold-diggers, money is simply placed as a priority amidst other desirable traits possessed by the men they want to settle down with. The women mainly look for men who are resourceful and would be able to meet their demands in the nearest future. A man’s potentials are carefully weighed to ensure they wouldn’t live in constant want.