The term, “slay queens” gets thrown around online on a daily basis and there are different meanings to that title. For the purpose of this article, we will use one definition and that is, ‘a beautiful, confident and successful woman who has her head in the game and knows what she wants’.

Successful women are very underrated in our society but thanks to feminists everywhere, a woman can now work hard and enjoy her prosperity without being sneered at because she couldn’t keep a man (or so it seems).

One of the things (all the different kinds of) slay queens have in common, is their knack for living the good life and not letting any man with whatever insecurities he may have, weigh them down. Slay mamas are winning in their relationships and you too can.

6 relationship lessons you can learn from real slay queens (SQs)
1. Slay queens are already complete in themselves

A guy is simply an extra spice in their already delicious life. SQs do not try to hold on to a man who belongs to everyone else. They dust him off and move on with their life.

6 Relationship Lessons You Can Learn From Slay Queens


2. A breakup is not the end of the world for SQs

Even though it hurts them, they pick themselves up and face the future with optimism. You won’t see a slay queen weeping over a guy on Snapchat. No way!

3. They don’t wait for a guy to support them financially

If he does, congrats. But if not, whatever. A slay queen has her legit hustle so she doesn’t need to wait for a man before she gives herself a treat.

4. SQs are not on a mission to impress anybody but themselves.

They will not go their boyfriend’s place and start cooking, cleaning and washing just so he can see them as 100 yards of wife material.

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5. A slay queen is faithful and loyal

Don’t let that expensive lace front wig and shiny acrylic nails fool you. She didn’t get them by hopping from one man to another, she got them by working her butt off and probably as gifts from her man.

5. SQs are confident women with a great sense of humour

Any guy dating a bona fide slay queen will tell you there’s never a dull moment with her.

Here are other reasons why Slay Queen is not a bad word.

Don’t you just want to be a slay queen already?


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