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6 Things He Does That Makes You Mistakenly Thinks He’s Committed To You




You might (mistakenly) assume he’s serious about you if:

1. He spends lots of time with you.

2. He calls and texts consistently.

3. He sleeps with you.

4. He’s introduced you to his friends and family.

5. He takes you on trips.

6. He talks about doing things together in the future.

There’s something REALLY important you need to know.

Some men will date you, spend time with you, text you, call you, travel with you and sleep with you, with no intention of EVER committing to you.

Why would a man do that? Because he enjoys your company (and the s*x), that’s why. And because he’s a guy. And some guys are just like that. how will you know when he’s your boyfriend?

There’s only one way.

He has to ASK you to be exclusive and say something like “I want us to only date each other. Will you date me exclusively?”

It’s as simple as that. If he hasn’t asked, he’s NOT your boyfriend!



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