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6 Things Smart Women Never Do After A Breakup

Getting over a breakup is tough. But the things you do afterward will either make things better or worse. And if healing is what you’re looking for, then you should definitely be smart about your actions.

If you’ll like to get through this difficult time with your dignity and strength intact, then you should consider these six things emotionally healthy women never do after a breakup:

1. Stalk him

Be it physically or via social media, stalking your ex after a breakup is one of the worst things you can do. For one thing, it makes it so much harder for you to move on. When you constantly keep tabs on him, you only succeed in hurting yourself even more.

2. Jump into a new relationship

Getting into a new relationship when you’re barely over the previous one is also a bad idea. A breakup can make you doubt yourself. You start to feel insecure and for a brief moment, having someone else care for you feels good. But only for a brief moment. If you’re not completely healed from a breakup, whatever you’re feeling with the new person is only temporary. And it’s not being built on a solid foundation making the relationship very likely to fail.

3. Contact him

Smart women know that there’s nothing to be gained from contacting an ex soon after the breakup. Hearing his voice, pretending you’re friends, etc, are not things that will help you move on.

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4. Forget self-care

This is another thing to never do after a breakup. Don’t let your health take the backseat by doing such harmful things as eating too much, not eating at all, not sleeping, over-indulging in alcohol, and so on. You may not feel like it but your body will thank you if you get through this phase without doing it harm.

5. Blame themselves

Smart women do not take all the blame for the end of a relationship. It takes two for a relationship to collapse. And even if you did do something wrong, drowning in self-pity is not helping anyone. Learn what lessons you can and move on.

6. Beg to take him back

A relationship usually ends due to three scenarios. You initiate the breakup, he does, or you both reach a mutual agreement that it’s best to end things. In any of these, there’s nothing to be gained by begging him to take you back. Your heart may be broken but your self-respect and dignity need not be discarded.

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