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6 Things You Should Do Before Making Love For The First Time



1.Trim Body Hair Arghh! The sight of seeing a hairy body can be really disgusting. So, make sure you trim your body hair before stripping in front of your partner. This way, you can avoid disgusted looks.

2. Is She Equally Willing? There is nothing more important than having your partner’s consent. This is something that you both decide to do, and doing it without your partner’s consent can be labeled as rape! So, think properly before indulging.

3. Do Not Expect Too Much Or Too Little Expecting too much and not getting it will only ruin the fun. Go ahead with a blank mind and colour it with your beautiful experience. This is an important thing that you need to remember, otherwise the fun element can be ruined.

4. Carry Protection Do not get carried away by the moment and indulge in lovemaking without carrying a pack of condoms. This way, you can avoid a mistake of conceiving as well as avoid any sexually transmitted diseases

5.Look Out For Them Since this is the first time that you are exploring each other’s body, be gentle and keep checking if your partner is comfortable and is enjoying the pleasure as much as you are.

6. Relationship Status Do not cheat your partner with fake promises of getting married before or after the act. This is sheer stupidity to get your partner in the same bed by false promises. Instead, be clear about your relationship status before engaging in the act.


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