Sorry to break it to you, but staying slim and healthy is usually about making a commitment to lasting lifestyle changes—not the latest trendy diet. Here are the bad habits you need to break to finally see lasting results.

1. Banning a Food
Everyone has an all-time favorite junk food or an item that you can’t stop eating once you start. But crossing it off your grocery list forever will only heighten its appeal. Try not to restrict any food from your diet because they will become more attractive when they are forbidden

2. Skimping on Sleep
This may be the most enjoyable habit to break—and the benefits of getting enough sleep can extend into all part of your life.

3. Crash Dieting
Everyone in your office is trying the juice cleanse, and you feel almost left out if you don’t participate. Resist the urge. Strict diets are unhealthy, but there’s more to it than that: “Studies show they don’t work, they slow your metabolism, and you will gain all the weight back

4. Binge Drinking
Alcohol lowers inhibitions and therefore increases mindless eating,stay clear of it.

5. Skipping Meals
Try planning your meals ahead of time, especially on days you know you’ll be crazy busy and might be likely to skip.

6. Eating Fat-Free Foods
Remember that fat is not the bad guy. We need fat to keep us full and promote satiety.



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