We all have pet peeves and we all inevitably piss some people off because of their pet peeves. The truth is: You’re never going to please everyone, but there are some poor habits you could kick for your own sake, too. Women aren’t going to react well to the following crap you might pull and, quite frankly, it’s not healthy for you either. These are six times women find you the most painfully annoying. So quit it

1. When you cling to us like lint.
Let her live—or, at the very least, breathe. If you don’t like when women are constantly attached to your hip, can’t converse in social settings without holding your hand or don’t respect your indispensable alone time, don’t be a hypocrite.

2. When you spell things wrong.
Honestly, poor grammar in a world in which your phone quite literally spells words out for you, is so lame it’s almost impressive. You have to make an effort to spell incorrectly via text or email these days. If you still question what your phone automatically types out for you, Google it. You can do that, too. Who knew? We all knew.

3. When you ask us out but don’t have a plan.
Never ask a woman out and follow it up . asking what she feels like doing. Pick a place, set a time, call her, ask her, meet her. Thank you.

4. When you’re overly jealous.
Jealousy, to some extent, is warranted. And probably healthy. If you’re not at all jealous, it begs the question: Do you actually care at all? But being jealous over everything and anything—her male friends who are like brothers, her best friends with whom she happens to spend a lot of time—get over it. Come back from your power trip. And, if you genuinely don’t trust a woman, you shouldn’t be dating her anyway, pal.

5. When you’re antisocial around our friends, family or coworkers.
It’s stressful enough to bring an outsider into an insider social situation. She feels like she has to entertain you and make sure you’re comfortable—and make sure everyone else can stand you so she won’t feel weird bringing you around a second time. When you’re antisocial, glued to your phone or just make zero effort to befriend her friends, it’s a turn-off and a bad look when she has to convince everyone the next day, “I swear he’s not normally like that.”

6. When you get in a physical fight.
OK, we’ve warned you about this one before, but it’s worth a second mention. A proclivity for getting in bar fights is the worst offense. The macho man thing isn’t attractive. You look dumb. You’ll look even dumber tomorrow with a black eye. And you’ll feel even dumber when your woman kicks your b*tt… to the curb. Because she can’t take you anywhere, brah.

.: Mademen