6 Tricks Robbers Are Using to Steal Phones From Unaware Ghanaians

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Tricks Robbers Using to Steal Phones
6 Tricks Robbers Are Using to Steal Phones From Ghanaians

6 Tricks Robbers Are Using to Steal Phones From Ghanaians

Thanks to our in-house bad-boys, we have researched into so many ways thieves and robbers are using to steal phones from an unaware resident in Ghanaians.

Checking on several Ghanaian residents, Lifestyle.ng has fished out how phones of these unaware citizens were stolen from them, and here are some of the methods thugs are using to reap where they did not sow;

  • Shopkeepers colluding with thieves.
  • Snatching of phones in traffic.
  • Suspicious Taxi & Trotro Passengers.
  • Motorbike riders snatching a phone.

This mostly happens in crowded places whereby a thief snatches a phone before breaking into one hell of running.

On several occasions, they pick on someone who looks confused or is trying to focus on their bearings.

“At one time, that happened to me and I was left stranded because all my money and mobile phone, were inside my bag and I was meeting a friend at Nkrumah Circle” a victim stated.

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  1. Old woman asking to use your mobile phone

So a friend was a victim to this scam and apparently lost his phone and wallet to robbers in Ashaiman. According to the friend’s recount, he was approached by an old man who asked to used his phone to call his son who she came to see in town.

Unknowingly to him, the old lady was working with some robbers who stormed on him, beat him up and took his phone and his wallet.

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