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6 Types Of Sex Every Couple Must Have At Least Once



Sex should be fun and exciting. It shouldn’t just be something you do the same way every day. There are different types of sex depending on your preferences and how adventurous you are as a couple. But no matter how vanilla you are, you absolutely must try these six types of sex.
1. Rough sex

Break all the rules, rip each other’s clothes off, go at each other like horny animals and have sex so rough that you’re panting in exhaustion when you’re done. Nothing makes you feel more alive and sexy than this one.

6 Types Of Sex Every Couple Must Have At Least Once -


2. Slow and sweet

This kind is sort of an opposite version of the first. Here, you take things slow, kind of like in a romantic movie. Touch each other everywhere and take the time to get to know your partner’s body. Look into each other’s eyes and drown yourself in the moment.

3. Quickie

This is one of those types of sex that keeps things exciting. Usually, it happens as a surprise. Pull him close to you before he heads to work, drag him to the nearest restroom at a party, etc. Just make sure it’s quick and fun. No foreplay, no dilly-dallying.

6 Types Of Sex Every Couple Must Have At Least Once -


4. Dangerous sex

There’s nothing as thrilling as knowing you may get caught. Have sex in semi-public areas and try to be as quiet and as stealthy as you can. It will leave you feeling like giggling teenagers again.

5. Roleplay sex

Who says you have to have sex with the same person every day. A simple wig and a sexy pair of heels can make a world of difference to your man. Pretend to be that stunning celebrity crush of his and watch him go crazy with lust.


6. Drunk sex

No, don’t get drunk. Just have enough to release your inhibitions. You will feel so confident, sexy and free that it is guaranteed to uncover a new level of excitement. Just make sure you’re careful. Drinking too much can have the opposite effect. You don’t want to end up throwing up and ruining the moment.

These are by no means all the types of sex out there but they should get you going. If you truly want to make him think you’re the best ever, try some of these blow job tips.

Did you try any of these types of sex? How did it turn out? Share your experience in the comment box below.

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