By choosing just a few of these tricks, you can quickly elevate your beauty and fashion game. Get ready to seriously impress your squad!

1. Wear heels
Stepping into a pair of sexy stilettos improves your posture, elevates your strut and gives you a certain swag.

2. Apply mascara to your lashes

Swiping on a quick coat of mascara is likely part of your daily routine. But for special nights out, you need the extra boost of confidence that comes from seriously dramatic lashes.

3. Apply dark lipstick
Instead of wearing loud red lipstick, go for dark lipsticks that gives you the bold, daring look

4. Let your nails do the talking
The nails are a place where even the most risk-averse woman can have some fun. Glitter in bold, bright colours is having a major moment – and nothing says “ready to party” like shiny, shimmery nails.

5. Get that gold glow
choose a classic bronzer and a highlighter with a bit of metallic shimmer. Put your contouring skills to work, and focus the highlighter on your cheekbones and the bridge of your nose.

6. Wear on special clothing
Wear one special piece that’s bound to be noticed. You’ll feel great knowing your look is entirely unique and totally your own.


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