Hey married couples! Are you Bored of your s*x life? here are 6 ways to make missionary more interesting — because power . is everything:

1. Get The Furniture Involved

I don’t mean taking it to your sofa, there are actually little things already in your bedroom that can change up the missionary position in a big way. A pillow under your lower back, their toes getting leverage against the wall, there are a lot ways what you have around you can really up your missionary game. . around and find what works for you.

2. Legs Up

Sometimes access can be an issue in missionary, but if what you like is really deep penetration, all you need to do is slowly move your legs up. Ideally your knees rest on their shoulders, but don’t worry if you don’t make it all the way — it will be intense enough.

3. Sit Back

Not you, but your partner. If you’re used to being face-to-face in missionary, have them rise up on their hands or forearms. You both can get an amazing view of what’s going on, plus you free up some space to . with your clit.

4. Use Toys

An easy way to make any position better is to add a s*x toy. There are plenty that are good for both of you, but if you’re nervous to try, start with something small like a bullet vibrator. It’s especially good for missionary because there may not be much space, but if you use one on your clit you’ll both feel the benefits. You can also try a vibrating cock ring.

5. Talk It Out

One of the great things about missionary is that you’re so close to one another, it’s perfect for dirty talk with eye contact or just whispering in each other’s ears. You can start out just talking about what you like — the “dirty” can come later.

6. Power .

Just because your partner is on top, doesn’t mean they’re in control. Try playing with the power dynamics to give missionary a whole new spin. Either have them stay still and buck your hips to meet them or grab their a*s and control the power and the pace of the thrusting. It’ll give you a whole new appreciation for it.


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