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6 Ways To Say No Politely – Lifestyle Nigeria

Saying “no” politely is an art that requires you to balance assertiveness and tact to maintain positive relationships. Here are some effective ways to decline requests or invitations graciously while preserving mutual respect.


Acknowledge the person’s request and express appreciation for thinking of you or considering you for the task.

 Provide a reason and be honest

People generally appreciate transparency. Whether it’s due to a tight schedule, existing commitments, or personal priorities, share the reason with sincerity as you say no politely.

Use positive language

Instead of focusing solely on what you cannot do, emphasize what you can contribute or suggest alternatives. This demonstrates your willingness to be helpful despite the current constraints.  You may consider this example. While I’m unable to commit to this right now, I’d be happy to explore other ways I can support you in the future.

Express regret

Acknowledge the impact of your refusal on the other person and express regret sincerely. This would go a long way in assuaging the level of disappointment as you say no politely.


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