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6 Ways to Wake up looking Beautiful

6 Ways to wake up looking beautiful

6 Ways to wake up looking beautiful

The importance of a good night’s sleep isn’t lost on any of us. Besides keeping the mind healthy, it also plays a huge role in making sure you’re looking your very best. And while a solid eight hours of beauty rest can go a long way, why not put those hours spent in bed to good use and get even more gorgeous overnight? These 6 beauty and hair tips work while you sleep, so you just need to lay your pretty head down and wake up looking like new!

  1. Sleep on Silk Pillowcases: Silk pillows help fight the frizz and keep your skin looking smooth soft. The silky fabric also prevents those pesky sleep lines you get on your face from cotton pillows.
  2. Wash Your Face: The best of beauty products won’t make a difference if you don’t start with a clean slate, so always wash your face before going to bed.
  3. Night Cream: Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! After washing your face clean of all impurities, the next best thing you can do for your skin is apply a hydrating night cream.
  4. Aloe Vera: In addition to soothing a nasty sunburn, aloe vera is also another great natural remedy for curing acne. Use aloe vera gel as a spot treatment or as an overnight moisturizer that keeps skin soft but not greasy.
  5. Cold Eye Cream: You may already be applying your eye cream religiously, but did you know it works better when it’s cold? Keep your eye cream in the refrigerator and apply before going to bed to decrease morning puffiness. (viaCosmopolitan)
  6. Brighten Stained Teeth: Here’s a super easy DIY for the perfect set of pearly whites: After brushing your teeth at night, dip your toothbrush in baking soda and brush again. You normally need to wait an hour after doing this to eat or drink anything, making it perfect for a nighttime treatment. Make sure to do this only once a week to prevent damaging your teeth.

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Man weaves: Yay or nay?

For a very long time weaves were only associated with women, especially black women; until man weaves. Weaves for men have really been game changers for guys with no hairline, stunted hair growth and those who can’t grow a beard. These weaves have not only been life savers but also helped boost these guys self esteem and confidence levels.

The different weaves available for these guys are:

Beard weave

The society today has created a relationship between a guy’s beard and his masculinity.Guys with no beard are usually the butt of many jokes. Many of our brothers out here are facing a lot of pressure from these expectations and stereotypes. Beard weaves have really switched things up as these lads can now enjoy a good beard with no one even noticing if it’s fake or not.

Damain Source

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Dreadlocks man weave

Dreadlocks look really stunning and have been embraced by people globally. Guys suffering from baldness and hair loss in the past could not enjoy this hairstyle but thanks to weaves, they can attain their desired look.

Image result for man weave beard


Afro man weave

Everyone wants to have a gorgeous full amount of hair on their head but most bald men don’t have that  luxury at their disposal. Afraid of being branded bald, most guys especially those ranging from age 18-35 shave their hair completely. The shame associated with being bald especially in an African setup was and still is paramount.Afro man weaves have come as a cover for bald men.The weave is designed for most hair types. Getting a hair makeover is not something to be ashamed of anymore.

Image result for man weave transformation


Brush waves man weave

Guys who can pull off brush waves attest to it being a crowd favorite.With the availability of brush waves man weave,bald guys can also experiment with these waves.

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Image result for man weave transformation


Hair line weaves

A receding hairline can be really stressful especially if someone is still young as most people associate a receding hairline to old age. Below is a picture of a guy whose hairline was transformed. Look keenly and you will see the huge difference between this before and after picture.

. image


Would you try these man weaves?  Yay or Nay?

. Man weaves: Yay or nay? . Vibe Yetu.

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9 ways to style your Vans

Vans are trendy and are here to stay. Knowing how to style your vans is important as it can totally switch your outfit from boring to a fashion statement.

Below are 9 ways you can style your vans.

Striped tee,black jeans

This chilled and relaxed look is so easy to pull off. Wear some socks with your Sk8-Hi vans. Roll up your black jeans if you intentionally want to show off the socks or to make your pants a little fitted. You could alternate between a striped tee and a white one.

Black and White myself style montreal downtown sk8 hi vans sk8 hi stripped shirt rolled pants


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Sweater,skinny jeans

Match your favorite sweater with any old-skool vans of your preference. Go for more solid colors with your sweater to keep the look warm and edgy.You could opt to either tuck in your socks inside or on top of the skinny jeans. Blue skinny jeans would mesh perfectly with these vans too.


Denim shirt, blue jeans

To add colour to the blue shirt and jeans shades, go for a colourful pair of Vans. Sk8-Hi vans are the best for this look as you can show them off.

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Denim shirt, black pants

Pair this look with either red or orange authentic vans because they are complementary colors to blue. Accessorize this look with some sunglasses to give you that fresh cool vibe.

White T-shirt, dress pants

This look is perfect for a semi-casual look. The crisp white tee goes very well when paired with slip-on vans and either grey or blue dress pants.

Image result for how to style men vans


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Camo T-shirt, black jeans

Slip-on vans look amazing when paired with a camo tee and black jeans. Add a baseball cap to spice up the look.

** Streetwear ** posted daily


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Cropped Chinos trousers, denim jacket

Chinos are cut slimmer and have a closer fit as compared to khakis. This casual wear is super trendy especially when paired with old-skool vans and a denim jacket. Add your favorite baseball cap and either white or black socks for this timeless ensemble.

ASOS DESIGN skinny super cropped chinos in black | ASOS


Plaid shirt, black jeans

Wear a black tee and your plaid shirt on top of it. You can either choose a monochromatic look or go for bold colors that are complementary. Old-skool vans are the best for this look.  When choosing the colors,don’t forget to keep it modern and on the minimized side.

👌 Dope Quiet Look! - Men's outfits - #Dope #Mens #Outfits #Quiet


Bomber Jacket, Ripped jeans

With this choice of old-skool vans, ripped jeans,a solid color tee plus a bomber jacket is the way to go. You will look super dapper if you add a watch and baseball cap to oomph the final outcome

26 Casual Ripped Jean Outfit Ideas for Men To Consider #Style #Men Style #Men Style





. 9 ways to style your Vans . Vibe Yetu.

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The perfect eyebrow for your face shape

Eye brows practically make up the face. By creating a balance ,they frame facial features. Try shaving off your brows,you will most likely look like a disaster. Choosing the perfect brow is choosing one that accentuates your face shape.

Several things need to be considered while aiming for the perfect brow. This include; eyebrow shape, arch height,thickness,arc shape,length and the definition. Overall determining the best eyebrow shape is based on a persons face shape. So getting to know your the shape of your face is the first step to a breathtaking brow.

These assorted face shapes and the required brow to perfectly accent them are;

Oval-shaped face

This is the ideal face shape that is coveted by many. People with this shape can rock practically any brow shape. It is advisable to wear a soft brow with a lower arch. This will flatter your face and ensure that it is the main focus. Beyonce’s soft brows perfectly complement her oval-shaped face.

Image result for beyonce oval shaped face

Pinterest.                Beyonce Knowles

Diamond-shaped face

This particular face shape is not as common as the other face shapes.It is balanced and has sharp corners. The aim here is to make the wide portions on this face less wide.The brow here should be soft and rounded.This will ensure that the focus is away from your features.

Serena williams

The Brag.                 Serena Williams

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Round-shaped face

Ladies with this face should stay away from a rounded shaped brow. To lengthen their face they should create a brow with an arch as high as possible. This will make their face more elongated and less circular.

Image result for queen latifah portrait

Los Angeles Blade Queen Latifa

Long-shaped face

This particular face shape tapers to a narrow oval chin. A flat brow will make your face appear shorter. It should be straight with an extended tail to create width.Go light on brow edges of horizontal line

Kelly Rowland

Cosmopolitan.         Kelly Rowland

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Heart-shaped face

This shape almost looks like the oval shape but it narrows to the chin.  Because it has very delicate features it requires a delicate brow.The arch should be rounded, soft and have a low arch height.

Love Magazine.           Naomi Campbell

Square-shaped face

The square jawline is the most noticeable feature on this face.When drawing the brows,aim is to draw less attention from the jaws to the eyes to soften the angles of your face.The arch should be low and. sharp pointed. If you use a round arch it will look unnatural. The curve will soften the strong features.

Billboard.          Alicia Keys

Every shape is beautiful in its owN way. Just remember to shape your brow according to your face shape to balance and accentuate your  facial features.

. The perfect eyebrow for your face shape . Vibe Yetu.

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