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6 WTF Moments Ever On Starz ShowZUMI



One of the reasons why Power TV series is so popular is because it is quite unpredictable.

Five seasons down and Power TV series is still full of crazy twists and turns. Honestly, it’s sort of hard to keep track of all the jaw-dropping and memorable moments on the show.

Power TV Series

(Photo: Starz)

So if you’re a big fan of Power, gather round let’s talk about these six WTF moments that left us shook. And if you’re yet to see this year’s season of the show, spoilers are on the way!

1. When Tariq betrayed his father! 
7 Most WTF Moments On Power TV series

(Photo: Power via Starz)

It seems Tariq is the most hated character on the show and we absolutely understand why. In season five, he overheard his father, Ghost, and Tommy making plans to kill Dre. Guess what your fave did? He texted Dre and told him to run. Fam, we literally screamed WTF! 

2. When Tommy killed Holly


Power TV Series

(Photo: Power via Starz)

Guys, we honestly thought Tommy and Holly’s love would get a happy-ever-after ending on Power TV series. So you can imagine how shook we were when we watched him choke her to death for ordering the assassination of his friend and business partner, Ghost. Oh well, moral of the story is: Get you a ride or die friend like Tommy!

3. When Kanan killed his son!

Kanan committed a lot of crimes on Power, but the most chilling remains the murder of his own son. Kanan killed his Shawn in season two for failing to kill Ghost as instructed. Nothing can be worse than this!

4. Raina’s Death

Raina’s death in season 4 is the biggest gut punch from the show. She was such a sweet girl and we don’t think she deserved to die. And to think she died defending her annoying brother Tariq.

5. Tariq .s a part in Kanan’s death
Power TV Series

(Photo: Starz)

Considering how much Tariq had bonded with Kanan, we didn’t really expect this from him.  Kanan was killed during a shootout with police, which was caused by Tasha, Tariq and Angela’s plan to frame him for murdering Raina’s killer.

6. Tariq tells Ghost to teach him the game.

Guys! We know how badly behaved Tariq is, but hearing him tell Ghost to “teach him the motherf*cking game” is another level altogether! Oh well, as expected, Ghost told him to get over whatever gangsta moment he was feeling, but you can bet that isn’t happening.

Which of these moments had you shook when you saw it? If we missed out your most shocking Power moment, you can share with us in the comment section.

Power season six will definitely be lit! While we are all waiting, there are some really great 2018 TV shows to catch up on.




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