by Kaith Smith | Your Tango


Ladies, 60 percent of us are liars. As in, we’re liars in the bedroom.

It doesn’t come as much of a surprise to hear findings that say 60 percent of women fake org asms. Nor is it shocking to hear the reasons why: we’re tired; our guy is trying hard, so we want him to feel good; we just want s ex to be over.

Again, no surprises there. But some men are speaking out against the fake org asm, claiming, “Ladies faking org asms perpetuates the idea that s ex is for men and that their pleasure doesn’t matter.” Essentially, they believe that by faking our se xual climax, we’re boosting the already-inflated male ego.

Are we just tools for the male org asm? We’d like to think not. But in reality, faking it is a woman’s choice to make. In an ideal world, two se xual partners would reach their climax at the same time, fall into a heavy, sweaty heap onto the bed, and cuddle until the sun rises or they’re ready for round two.

But life isn’t a movie or a romance novel. In most situations, men work hard to help a woman reach her climax. So, is it so wrong to fake an “oh!” face when we’re ready to call it a night?

We’re hurting ourselves just as much as we’re hurting the man (hey, women need to climax, too!). It might be worse to say, “Alright partner, thanks for the effort, but I don’t see it happening. No org asm for me tonight.”

Men don’t need to be coddled, but they don’t need to be defeated, either.

This post originally appeared on Your Tango: 60 Percent Of Women Admit To Doing THIS Awful Thing During S ex


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