6. A Sense Of Humor


Have you ever seen a comedian’s wife?

She’s usually a babe, right? Guys like Seyi Law, Ay Makun, Kevin Hart just to name a few. I bet these guys have fantastic personalities and are all-around nice guys…

…but I also bet a big reason these ladies were originally drawn to these men was because of their sense of humor. Knowing how to attract women is as simple as being able to make her laugh.

We’re all born with different senses of humor and with different things that we find funny. You aren’t always going to make every woman in the room laugh… and that’s okay! There will be a woman out there whose sense of humor you will connect with yours, so don’t be afraid to show your sense of humor

Oh, and as a bonus tip: Don’t take yourself so seriously. Don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself. If you spill a drink on your shirt, make a little joke about it, laugh at yourself and soon she’ll be giggling too.

5. Passion And Ambition


A man with a passion for life and a drive to pursue his dreams is extremely attractive to women. Passion and ambition are instant turn-on’s.

You don’t need to be a famous rock god, rap star or a multi-million-dollar lawyer to attract women, either. Choose a hobby, career, or dream that gets you excited and pursue it. Even if you’re a beginner or are just entering a new career field, the passion you have for that thing will shine through and instantly attract women.

Think about it: As a man, don’t you like a woman who has interests she’s passionate about and goals she’s working towards?

Of course you do!

It’s the same for women.

Seeing a man who’s pursuing his dreams wholeheartedly allows women to see just how wholeheartedly he would pursue other things – like a girl he’s interested in, for example.


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