Summer heat waves are coming our way, and that means we need to change our current beauty routine. During hot and humid days, wearing makeup can be a challenge. Also, if you’re using the wrong skincare products, you could end up with oily skin, clogged pores, and blemishes. Busy women have it particularly hard because nobody has time to fix and reapply their makeup. Lucky for you, we’ve done a lot of research on the basics of beauty for those scorching summer days. Combat shine and runny makeup with these seven beauty tips:

  1. Reconsider your skincare

Colder months can be drying to the skin which is where heavier moisturizers come in handy. But summer heat is a whole different story. If you have dry skin, switch to a lightweight and oil-free moisturizer with SPF. This will provide your skin with the perfect balance of protection and moisture. If you have oily skin, moisturize with gel-based creams or serums, preferably with SPF. These should not contain any oils and fatty alcohols as these are heavy and can clog the pores. Opt for ones that have glycerin, hyaluronic acid and panthenol listed as their main ingredients.

Beauty Tips: Eyes are important
  1. Switch to powdered foundation

Summer heat can make your skin produce more oil and sweat excessively. If you are wearing liquid foundation, chances are it’s going to melt on your face. The powdered foundation is a better option for hot days. Think mineral powder foundation – perfect for every skin type and if applied correctly stays on your skin flawlessly all day long. It is also multipurpose which is exactly what you need on busy days. Plus it often contains zinc oxide and titanium dioxide which doubles on the SPF.

  1. Sweat-proof beauty products

There are plenty of beauty tips for busy women out there designed for summer days. If you need to look good on a particular day, waterproof makeup can help you combat all the issues that come with hot days. Also, choose skin care and sun protection with sweat absorbing ingredients like silica, especially amorphous silica because this one is safe. Avoid mattifying products that claim to combat oil because they usually contain alcohol which can damage the skin and make it even shinier in the long run.

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  1. Best eye creams

The skin around the eyes is much thinner than on the rest of the face which is why you should give it special attention. There’s a host of under eye creams targeting specific concerns like puffiness, bags under eyes, fine lines and redness. But one of the best eyes creams out there is Darphin’s Ideal Resource Anti-Dark Circle Eye Illuminator. It’s tinted and targets all the above under-eye concerns. It will work wonders as a primer, skincare product, and concealer – perfect if you need something on the go.

  1. Sweat-proof your eye makeup

Use eye primer before applying eye shadow because this will help your eye makeup stay put. Use powdered or mineral eye shadow; creamy eye shadows just won’t work on hotter days. Also, waterproof mascara is a good option to prevent smudging. But if you don’t like these types of mascaras, smudge-proof mascaras like the classic Max Factor 2000 Calorie work just as well.

  1. Don’t let your hair get in the way

On really hot days, it is best to wear your hair in an updo. You will inevitably sweat and perspire, and you don’t want strands of hair sticking to your face. Besides, updos are low maintenance, and they’ll save you time on busy work days. We suggest Gigi Hadid’s wideband headwrap – looks chic with little effort.

  1. Sunscreen that stays

On hotter days, the UV index tends to be in the high-risk range, so sunscreen is a must. If you don’t have time for reapplying sunscreen throughout the day, choose sports sunscreens as these are meant to last long and are usually sweat-proof. Choose broad-spectrum, preferably mineral-based because these don’t break down as easily as chemical sunscreens.

Follow these seven summer-proof beauty tips, and we’re sure you’ll look and feel great on those hot and busy days when you don’t have time to worry about how you look. These tips are low maintenance and minimalistic which is what you should look for when choosing a summer beauty routine.

Kathy Mitchell was born in the USA. She has done MA in English Literature. She loves to publish her article on different health and beauty websites. She is contributing to Consumer Health Digest. Follow her on Google+, . and Twitter.


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